Fall 2020 TBR // Reading Plans

It's officially Fall tomorrow! Fall begins on September 22nd this year and ends on December 21st. That's basically the rest of the year so this list of books are all the books I am dying to read by the end of the year. They are the books I've put off, have been waiting to be released, and the ones I am most excited about. The end of the year is coming quick so I better get a move on!

Little Women - I've been meaning to read this for months but have put books ahead of it for far too long. I've watched two versions of Little Women and it's time to fall in love with this classic!


Recommended For You - This is a romance with two teen booksellers and it's everything as a lover of books and romance that I could ask for.

Salty, Bitter, Sweet - I've been putting this one off because I didn't enjoy the first few chapters but it's time to continue on and see if it gets any better. 


Reaching for Sun - This seems like something I would love. Other people wanting to put you in a box and then this new person comes around to make you feel all good inside. 

Closer to Nowhere - This is an ARC by Ellen Hopkins that is sure to make me cry. It's told in verse like all of her books so I'm curious how that will translate to a middle grade book.


Star Daughter - I have to get my hands on this book! It's compared to Stardust and I love that movie. I've been hearing great things about it too so I feel cheated that I don't have it in my hands already.

Senlin Ascends - I've been eyeing this book at my library for the longest time. It's a weird concept where a man is on his honeymoon at the Tower of Babel and he gets separated from his wife. So the man has to journey up the Tower of Babel in order to find her. It sounds weird so I'm into it.

Lovely War - I've heard such great things about this one that I must read it already. It has a mix of romance, war, and Greek Mythology. 

Horrid - I hardly read any horror books but I love atmospheric spooky ones. The premise in this one promises that and more. I'm expecting great things. 


How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents - I want this to be my next Hispanic Book Discussion. I know of the Garcia Girls from Before We Were Free. I believe they were the cousins of the main character who left right away to immigrate to New York. They become americanized which I think will be fascinating to read about.

Pizza Girl - I'm just so interested in this weird little book. It has mixed reviews but I refuse to look at them because I want to give this one a chance.

Call Me By Your Name - I'm so curious about this one. I hope it addresses the inappropriateness of the relationship and also has beautiful writing like I've been told it does.

Premeditated Myrtle - I have this as an ARC copy. It's a middle grade book featuring an amateur sleuth. A perfect book to pick up in fall. I think it'll be cozy and fun.

Garlic and Sapphires - This has been on my tbr list for FIVE YEARS. It's time. I love food and memoirs. Let's do this.

Her Night with the Duke - I just find this concept hilarious. I find most historical romances whether good or bad to be funny in either their premise or writing. It's a beautiful thing. Anyway, this guy (I don't generally like cheating but this one intrigues me) has a one night stand with the stepmother of the person he's supposed to marry. What!? And that cover is so beautiful and funny at the same time. I can't wait!

What are you planning to read this fall?


  1. I have a copy of Little Women that I need to get to also!


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