Mid February TBR

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I never did a February TBR this month so I thought I would post what I'm planning to read the rest of the month. I kind of like the idea of a bimonthly or even weekly TBR because I am a mood reader but I love making plans. I'm currently planning on reading a certain number of books a week based on a topic. It'll be like a mini readathon for myself where I evaluate my thoughts at the end to see how I like the books I chose. I might modify some of the challenges in the future which I'll explain later in this post.

I'm currently reading Can't Hurt Me which is an autobiography by a Marine who had a tough past and has lived his life in a way where he goes for every challenge 100%. I've watched some videos on him where he speaks and he's at a level where I want to be as far as goal setting and accomplishing.

I know Valentine's day is over but I really want to do a romance week where I read a bunch of romance books. I have these three that I've been either meaning to read for a while or just heard about. With week's where I challenge myself to read a bunch of one genre, I do want to modify them eventually. With romance I tend to stray from the really steamy ones but I'm a grown woman and I obviously want to try them out since I watch so many romance booktubers. Some romances I can tell have some weird tropes that are down right creepy. I worry as well about the writing in romances. I love cheesy romances but to an extent. I don't want terribly written romances basically. So I can split up this challenge to include reading romance recommendations by favorite booktubers (if you know any romance bloggers let me know!), dark romances, college romances, historical romances, and enemies to lovers. I want to focus on romance first because it is the month of love but also I feel like I'm missing out with adult romances. It's very hard to find any good YA romances lately so I want to explore a wider variety of romances even if the romance has a man on the cover without a shirt. 

I want to start this challenge of finding and reading books I think Disney princesses would read today. Mulan's live action movie is coming out soon so I thought I would start with her. I decided to pick out all books with a Chinese protagonist and/or was translated from Chinese to English. 

My one qualm about how I've set up my challenges is that it's not like I'm reading a lot of books that revolve around that one topic so I don't know how interesting it will be however, I think for now it works. I've been feeling the reading slump forming and in general I don't read like seven books a week. I might in the future try reading seven books in a week or do one of those challenges where I read books across a longer period of time and just write about the books afterward. I'm sure you can tell I watch a lot of reading blogs. I do have a problem with getting bored and wanting to replan every like two weeks after I just planned three months of my reading and blogging. This never allows me to read or blog much of anything so I think just planning these two weeks of reading will keep everything more fresh and interesting for myself as well. It'll also satisfy my obsessive planning ways.

So that's it. What do you think about my weekly reading challenges? Have you set up any short reading/blogging plans for yourself?


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