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This is a tag I've been seeing all around booktube. I've gone over my reading goals update which is basically reading whatever I want, reading books set in different countries, reading more classics, and reading more nonfiction. Now I want to get into the actual books.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle was a surprising favorite. It does make sense to me now since I've been wanting to read short books, classics, and books that are a bit messed up this year.  

I decided to read this book since I enjoyed watching Jackson's book to TV series - The Haunting of Hill House. I wanted to read a dark book and I got it. I know it might seem like a simple read since it's only like 146 pages but if you are able to create a world, characters, and interesting plot in that short amount of pages - you are amazing. There's just something about this that makes me want to read more by Shirley and reread this already. 

I've read about four sequels this year, but I wouldn't say they are a favorite or good enough to be on this list.

If I'm Being Honest sounds like such a me book. She's an honest person who can get on people's nerves. I don't think I get on people's nerves but I know if you ask, I'll tell you like it is (family and friends only) and I have a personality that people don't understand (mostly because of my shyness). I also have a favorite book I've been thinking about recently, Before I Fall, that has a character who is considered not so nice change her ways for the better. I decided to order it from the library already and I'm about to pick it up.

It was between The How & the Why and Serpent & Dove. I chose The How & the Why over the other one because it's by Cynthia Hand. I loved her Unearthly series. I also know this'll make me cry since it's about adoption. I tend to favorite books that make me cry (well if it's done well) so this was a no brainer for me. A lot of my runner ups I could easily see it being flawed because of the romance, a genre I don't read too much, or ARC review that say it's just okay.

Runner ups: Faker, Serpent & Dove, and War Girls.

Unfortunately, Comics Will Break Your Heart is the first book that popped in my head when thinking about my biggest disappointment. The reason it was a disappointment was because I love the author's graphic novel stories and artwork. Her transition into YA was rocky. I didn't connect with the characters at all and then I lost interest in the plot.

Runner ups: My Plain Jane (not bad but too childish), American Panda, Love a la Mode, Louisiana's Way Home, and Death on Tap.

I originally thought I was going to DNF You're Never Weird on the Internet (almost). I didn't think I would be able to connect to Felicia Day as much as I did. Her personality was one I wasn't sure about but I saw so much of her in myself - the insecurities, awkwardness, and video game love most of all. I'm glad I kept going. Listening to some of the story as an audiobook helped as well too. She narrates the story so it was nice to hear everything with her voice. The book is good too since there are a good amount of photos and images that go along with the story.

I wouldn't technically say Shirley Jackson is a favorite new author since I've only read one of her her works but I have high hopes that I'll enjoy her other twisted tales. Gita Trelease who wrote Enchantée has such potential to be a favorite author in the future as well. Her writing and descriptions are beautiful. 

Runner up: Gita Trelease

When I think of fictional crush I think of a cute fictional boy that I fell in love with. I think for once I can say I don't have one currently. 

Camille from Enchantée is such a badass. I loved how she risked everything for her little sister. I enjoyed her progression into addiction and seeing her change from that. She learned from that addiction to magic and money eventually but it took her a while. Her want to become a print maker as a woman in her age was awesome. She wanted to support her sister's passion as well. She faced her fears and took chances. Her bravery was what really made me love her as a character.

Although I didn't absolutely love Impossible Music, I did enjoy it. It's also one of the only books I can recall this year to make me cry (that isn't a reread). And I tend to cry in a lot of books for no reason just thinking about something sad. It was emotional just thinking about Simon's perspective of loving music and then having it taken away from him. I easily got emotional when there was scenes of the mom because I would think about what if that happened to a future child of mine? It was a sad circumstance that got me all emotional.

Because I already knew the story in Little Witch Academia and it being such a good natured story - it was easily one that made me happy. There's a lot of talk of hope, perseverance, and believing in yourself in this manga. It's just a nice read to get lost in.

I hardly buy any books for myself but I did preorder Pumpkinheads earlier this year. I love Faith Erin Hicks' artwork. I'm looking forward to reading her book with Rainbow Rowell. It's also has such a cute title and a pumpkin on the cover. 

What kind of question in this!? Too many to put on this post. I'll leave a collage of some of the books I want to read here so you can take a look. As you can see I really want to read a lot of classics and more adult reads with a splash of what I tend to read (YA & MG). I really want to read just whatever I want in the moment whether that be short reads, books on my shelf, rereads, translated fiction, genres I don't tend to read, or books out of my comfort zone.

How would you answer the questions on this tag?
What books are you looking forward to reading next?


  1. I listened to Felicia Day's book last year and also enjoyed it. I wasn't sure I was going to because I didn't know her THAT well, but it was good!

  2. I can't wait for Pumpkinheads to come out! This tag was fun. I may just have to do it! Happy Reading!


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