Broxo by Zack Giallongo

Can two young warriors defeat the walking dead?

Princess Zora of the Granitewings has traveled far to seek the reclusive Peryton Clan. But Peryton Peak is abandoned, and there's no sign of the civilization that once inhabited it.

No sign...but for a young warrior with no clan and no memory of his origins. His name is Broxo, and he is the key to a mystery that is far more dangerous than Zora can imagine.
Princess Zora goes on a quest to prove herself by finding the Peryton Clan, who she wishes to have a trading partnership with. Instead, she meets undead creatures, ghosts, a witch, and the only remaining survivor of the Peryton Clan - Broxo.

I'm not really into zombies, but I guess the format of this story - graphic novel - allowed me to enjoy this story more than I thought I would.

The dynamic between Princess Zora and Broxo is like one of brother and sister. They argue constantly but have each other's back. The story's central plot revolves around what happened to Broxo's clan. As Zora and Broxo journey to right wrongs and discover what really happened to the Peryton Clan, they encounter the fallen members of the clan that rise up to fight the two. There's also a witch who has something to do with the clan's destruction but readers aren't sure why.

I enjoyed the action scenes, mystery, and main characters. The illustrations were well done too. Giallongo wrote and illustrated this story as well as illustrating the Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue series so you know he knows how to draw. The only negatives I can think of is possibly the pacing towards the end of the book and it not being a part of a series. I think these characters would have done well together journeying out of this small territory into bigger adventures in the future. Overall, Broxo was an enjoyable graphic novel that young readers and adults alike would enjoy.

What standalone have you read that you wish was a series?


  1. I love graphic novels. I am glad you ended up liking this one more than you thought you would. Sounds like a good one. :)


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