February 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

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February has been an interesting time. The last two and a half weeks I've been so overwhelmed with classwork that I've procrastinated certain things but even when I was doing everything right I've had a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, that translates to the number of books I was able to read and the lack of commenting. The plan is try to read a little a day and comment a little a day in March. I hope to catch up on everyone's posts as well.

I read last minute Convenience Store Woman because I wasn't going to fail another month for my own theme read challenge. It was honestly very strange. I didn't expect the ending and I didn't understand the point of the book after it was over. However, it did make me think and I plan on going into that more once I get the chance to review it. Vague, I know.

Fairy in Waiting was the only book I reviewed that I read this month. I enjoyed it and posted about the things I liked about the book. There were a couple of things I didn't like but that was mainly because I'm not the audience of the book. But, definitely could see many young girls liking this series.

Jingle Dancer was one of the books I had to read because of a class. The cover doesn't really show it much but the artwork was amazing. I learned about an interesting dance a part of a particular tribe(s) tradition. This is the second Native American picture book I've read this year and it has 100% made me want to read more Native American books even more than before. 

Ms. Ice Sandwich is my second Japanese fiction book I read that was a little strange as well. It was less strange than Convenience Store Woman for sure. I guess it was less strange and more of those books you read that you can't describe what you feel about it. At only 96 pages it was such a good story. I wish more than anything that I could have another story of the main character all grown up. I still can't describe fully how I felt about it but once I start trying to review it I'm sure I'll be able to do so.

One Crazy Summer is one of those middle grade books that I see all the time and have always said I would read one day. I finally read it and I was so invested in the sisters story. I wouldn't mind continuing the series which I found out after reading that it was a series. I do want to bring something up during my review in the future about it which has some interesting history behind it. I kind of wanted to review all the books from this one class that I've had to read at the end of the semester but that might be one long post. I'll decide once it gets closer to the end of the semester.

Did you read any strange books in February?
Did you read any books that propelled you to read more of the same topic?


  1. Some months are definitely crazier than others! Hope you get to some good reading in March!

  2. I haven't read any strange books but a book that propelled me to read more of the same? Yep. The Museum of Heartbreak reminded me why I loved reading contemporary romance so much in my teens :P

  3. I haven't read any of these books, but reading Gregor the Overlander propelled me into buying the rest of the books in the series! The kids and I are really enjoying them.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  4. It's been so long since I've been to your blog! I haven't read One Crazy Summer, but I keep hearing about it too. It's on my "I'll read it one day" list. It sounds really good.

    It looks like you had a good month of reading. It can be hard to keep up with reading everything you want when you're so busy!


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