The Golden Trio Reading Challenge

Photographer: Jessica Fadel

HPOOTP - Flourish and Blotts presents the 2019 Golden Trio Challenge. The challenge is to read books out of a list of fifty-two prompts. You can choose twelve prompts (Ron), twenty-four prompts (Harry), or fifty-two prompts (Hermione).

This is one of the challenges I planned to participate in if I met my half way goal of eight books. And I have done it on the second month! Now I just need four more to reach level Ron. And who knows? Maybe I can get to level Harry. Listed below are the fifty-two prompts (click the image to view the prompts). Below that are the books I've already read for the challenge.

Books Read

5. Luna Lovegood: Read a book about creativity or something unusual
The Un-Friendship Bracelet by Martha Maker

10. Dumbledore: Read a book involving a school or teacher

14. Newt: Read a book containing a fantastic beast

30. Hogwarts Library: Read a book you checked out from the library or borrowed from a friend
Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White

36. History of Magic: Read a historical fiction
One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

37. Charms: Read a book with a charming cover
Fairy in Waiting by Sophie Kinsella

38. Care of Magical Creatures: Read a book with an animal on the cover

50. Flourish and Blotts: Read a 2019 Release

To Do

Here is a list of prompts I think I'll be able to accomplish easily.

2. Ron: Read a book under 200 pages

7. Fleaur Delacour: Read a book translated from another language

9. Professor McGonagall: Read a book with a strong female lead

15. Bathilda Bagshot: Read a book written by a woman

27. Read a book that has won an award

44. Apparition: Read a book set somewhere you want to travel

48. Read a book by an American author

Have you joined the Golden Trio Challenge?
Which of these prompts have you already completed without trying?


  1. What an interesting challenge! I don't think it's one I've seen before. I have trouble sticking to ones like this. Good luck!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  2. What a fun challenge! I could probably get a lot of the prompts done.

  3. How fun! You're off to a great start, and I like all the various prompts. :)


  4. This looks like an awesome challenge! Good luck!!

  5. This sounds like a fun challenge and it looks like you have your books worked out. Good luck! :)

    1. Well you never know with me. I like to change things around reading wise but I think the ones I want to go for are fairly easy to do.

  6. This sounds FUN! Count me in! I won't be reaching level Hermione but the prompts themselves sound fun enough :P Do books that I've already read this year count? Or from the time I join?


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