Herding Cats by Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson is known for making relatable cartoons based on her life of an awkward, procrastinating, introverted artist. I loved her first collection of "scribbles" called Adulthood is a Myth. It was laugh out loud funny and I identified with the way she interacted with the world as an introvert myself. The excitement was real when I got my hands on Herding Cats so was it up to par with her first comic collection?

Eh. Not really.

That's such a sad thing to type out but it's the truth. I had a good chuckle with some of the comic strips. I could connect with her at times like I did before but I didn't laugh out loud like I did with her first book.

I liked the advice portion given towards the end to artists about going out there and being creative on the internet (it was more inspirational than my one line explaining what she wrote) however, it did take away from the amount of comics there were which were just okay.

If you see the brain at the bottom it has this "shook" effect that I saw a few times in the book. Wasn't a fan.

What do I mean by the comics being just okay? Well, there were a lot of them that felt recycled like I've seen them before but really they felt related too much to past comics I've read of hers.  The comics were very similar to her other comics which makes sense since it is a part of her humor but it just wasn't as funny.

There is still some great humor in this book. It wasn't groundbreaking or as funny as the first book but it has a lot of great moments that readers can easily connect with. I just wanted more laughs and more comics. I'm now curious to see how Big Mushy Happy Lump compares (her second book) so you just may see a review of that one in the future.

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Thanks to NetGalley and McPheel Publishing for letting me read Herding Cats in exchange for an honest review!

Have you read any of Sarah Anderson's comics? Are you more of an introvert or extrovert? Leave you answer down below in the comment section!


  1. I think I liked this one more than you, but I will agree that it wasn't as good as her first collection of comics. I also follow all her comics online and just left like there were not enough new ones. Great review!

    1. So we totally agree except you liking it more. I think Anderson took too much on maybe nd needs to slow down, take a vacation, and write more comics when she is inspired. I say that because it feels like something a lot of blogger, like me, have to do in order to get better things out there in the world. Thank you!


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