July 2018 Book Releases

Hello everyone! I had such a nice time looking through new releases last March so I thought I would do it again this July. I've discovered some great new releases this July. It was so tough to find these because I've been so picky with my tbr reads lately. Before the year started I went from 1,000+ books in my tbr to 600+ and now I'm at 257. I want to make sure I read books that I know that I have a very good chance of loving so without further ado below are some books I would love to read.

A Place for Pluto - When Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006 I feel like the world was in shock. At least I was. This story follows Pluto's journey to finding his place in the solar system. I like that it connects with themes of self-discovery and acceptance. The cover looks adorable and beautiful as well.

Joy - A gorgeously beautiful illustrative story. It's a heartwarming story about a girl trying to find and giver her grandmother joy again. I love the thoughtfulness and the beautiful illustrations. I would love to read Joy.

Rocko's Modern Life Vol.1 - I couldn't find any middle grade reads I thought I would enjoy this July but I did find this graphic novel. I didn't watch Rocko's Modern Life religiously but I do remember enjoying the bits and pieces I watched of it as a kid. Any chance to relive 90's television is a welcome one. 

The Supervillain and Me - The only young adult book releasing in July that I found interesting is this one. I've been less into YA more and more. I think I've read so many YA books that I need a change plus I'm in my mid-20's now so... 

The cover makes The Supervillain and Me seem childish but otherwise the plot is intriguing. The thought of a superhero being the actual villain and vice versa fascinates me. Books with superheroes easily captivate me.

When We Found Home - I love the idea of a story where a brother and two sisters unknown to each other come together to be a family. I especially love that the brother is the one taking care of the sisters.

The Intermission - Oh look! A fluffy white dog is in the middle of the cover. Didn't see that initially. This will be a tough one since based on review it seems like the wife is unhappy and the guy isn't. Both the wife and husband have something to hide which I'm curious about. The wife seems very high maintenance. The relationship doesn't sound like a close one or a balanced one. I've always disliked the fact when one partner in a relationship believes they are more entitled or the other person has to do more for them to keep them happy. It'll be an interesting dive into the complexities of a relationship vs. the individual.

The Lost Queen of Crocker County - I enjoy when someone goes back to their hometown. I guess since I usually see it in wholesome Hallmark movies it's something I'm drawn to. I'm curious to discover what happened in her past and how she redeems herself.

Heart Land - Another story with the main character going home. You know my feelings about that already. This really sounds like one of my favorite movies of all time - Sweet Home Alabama. She's a fashion designer coming home and she broke the heart of her high school sweetheart. Enough said.

Contempt of Court - This is an autobiography (I'm assuming made from his past writings or diary but, it's unclear. He died in '91.) of an alleged thief who escaped prison three times, taught himself law in jail, won a libel suit against his arresting officer, and gained a pardon. Albert Hinds is supposed to be the most prolific jailbreaker in British History. This reminds me of Catch Me If You Can if he was actually claiming to be innocent. 

The Hope of Azure Springs - I've rarely read Christian Fiction but when I have I have enjoyed them. I like the premise of this story where Em is trying to find her long lost sister and the sheriff is determined to help her to gain a good reputation in society and respect from his parents. I know this is very damsel in distress but Em sounds like she's had it tough and that she's a strong character just trying to find her sister. The possible romance of course is what sold me.

What books are you looking forward to this month?


  1. Aw, Rocko's Modern Life! I did like that show when I was younger. I tend to read more adult fiction these days, but I still do love YA. It's just tough finding the good ones sometimes! And that picture book about Pluto? NEED IT!


    1. I feel like there are so many good YA books I want to read but I'm always second guessing them because I don't just want to read the same thing over and over again.

  2. Great list! I love books about going home as well, so I'm definitely going to check out the ones you mentioned. WHEN WE FOUND HOME sounds great as well. I read a review of THE HOPE OF AZURE SPRINGS recently and stuck it on my TBR list. I like Christian fiction as long as it's done well and it sounds like this one is!

    1. I have read very little Christian Fiction but luckily they've all been to my liking. I hope you enjoy When We Found Home and The Hope of Azure Springs if you get the chance to read them (:


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