Over the Garden Wall Vol.1

Why? Just why? Over the Garden Wall the mini series was so mysterious, weird, and fun. Over the Garden Wall the comic was unreasonably boring.

The basis of the story beforehand is that two brothers, Wirt and Greg, get lost in the woods on Halloween. In the woods there is a beast, mysterious talking animals, and some crazy adventures that follow the brothers.

There are two stories. The first story follows Greg with a minor appearance from Wirt. Greg is following Sheriff Jason Funderburker (his frog) with his toy raccoon whose a robber Greg is keeping an eye on. He's following a case that his frog is leading him to, all the while unexpectedly helping others in his innocent and naive ways.

The second story is about Anna, the woodsman's daughter, which I admittedly had to look up after I finished her story. I was very confused by her story obviously but I was waiting for things to pick up. Afterwards everything made sense when I looked Anna up BUT the two stories still felt random. One had nothing to do with the other. And even after I had read up on Anna I was shrugging my shoulders and still saying how boring everything was.

My expectations were really for the two brothers to have more adventures that had an actual plot after the mini series. I love Wirt, the pessimist older brother but he wasn't really in the first story for very long. Even with my expectations not being met the mini series was a wow and this was not no matter how I rolled the dice... I mean it's cute and the illustrations are gorgeous but wasn't that interesting. There are a lot of readers who enjoyed this comic so if you are really that curious give it a try and you might like it.

If you haven't watched the TV series you should totally watch it! It's fantastic, whimsical, creepy, weird, and Wirt is played by Elijah Wood!


  1. Aw, I'm sorry the show was much better than the comic version!


  2. I haven't seen the show- but sorry that the comic version wasn't more exciting!


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