Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Hannah Swenson #1. Kensington (April 2000) Library
Hannah Swensen already has her hands full, between dodging her mother's attempts to marry her off, and running Lake Eden, Minnesota's most popular bakery, The Cookie Jar. But when the Cozy Cow Dairy's beloved deliveryman is found murdered behind Hannah's bakery with her famous Chocolate Chip Crunchies scattered around him, Hannah sets out to track down a killer. The more Hannah snoops, the more suspects turn up. This is one murder that's starting to leave a very bad taste in Hannah's mouth, and if she doesn't watch her back, her sweet life may get burned to a crisp.

Cozy mysteries are a rare read for me. Which is strange because I like mysteries and I like food (most of them have a food related theme). Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder has always felt like the epitome of a cozy mystery. Whenever I have looked up the genre, there it is. I have had this book for so long no my TBR I thought I would never get to read it but finally I have. It wasn't what I expected...

I've read better. Shock and dismay all around I know for if you know this series it's like 20+ books long. I've always been tempted to read them but now? *Whoosh* That feeling is gone. I've read cozy mysteries before so I don't know why reading this book the unbelievability of this book hit me so hard. 

#1 - Hannah ran a bakery that only sold cookies called The Cookie Jar which I kept on thinking how on earth she got so many to come in. Unless she made more things and it just wasn't mentioned or I completely missed those recipes. 

#2 - Her sister's husband is a cop and not only asks her to help him with a murder investigation but doesn't bat an eye when she is actively investigating the case. Like that's a good idea.

#3 - She isn't even 30 but acts like she is 40. I literally felt like I was reading a book about an older woman. And it wasn't because she lived alone and had a cat... The way she's written in the story it sounds like she's super mature for no reason. And the excuse of it being an older published book fairs no weight here because it was published in 2000 and nowhere in 2000 do almost 20-year-olds sound and act like Hannah does.

#4 - The killer. There was no evidence that this person was going to be the killer until the very last second. I didn't react like, "Oh wow! I can't believe that person's the killer." I reacted more like, "Really? That person's the killer...."

I was so hoping for a better read. I wish I could say I enjoyed something about Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder but after skimming from the middle of the book towards the end... it can't be redeemed. I'm not giving up on this genre however since I did enjoy the first Bakeshop Mystery book a while back. I just need to find a series like it in my library.


  1. I've never read this series - sorry to hear it was more of a miss than anything. I do like cozy mysteries though, so I hope you find more you enjoy! I suggest trying newer released titles.

  2. Well that's super disappointing. I actually have this one. It sounded so good. Ah well. #1 wouldn't bother me too much since we have specialty places like that here that only sell Popsicles or only sell cupcakes and they do amazing. Maybe because it's a college area? lol


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