Beauty and the Beast: Movie Review

I find that Beauty and the Beast is usually readers favorite Disney film or Belle is their favorite princess. Who wouldn't like Belle? She's a love of books, a free thinker, and turns down a narcissistic man. I couldn't wait to watch the live action movie after watching the original as a child about 30 or so times (I had a lot of time on my hands) and having it as my Quinceanera theme. Here is what I thought about this new version of Beauty and the Beast:

When I heard Emma Watson was going to play Belle I was ecstatic! What a perfect person to play not only because she played Hermione, a known reader, but after her Harry Potter role her movies have shined with her in them. 

The thing I noticed right away while she was singing the opening song (my favorite one!) was that she looked bored. I couldn't believe it. As the movie went on she still looked like she was just plain bored. I know Belle is a reader and is probably not so happy all the time in the little town she lives in but she didn't bring anything to the table. It was quite sad to see really. I thought her singing was excellent though. And she made a washing machine so it showed how intelligent, savvy, and independent Belle is as a character.


The Beast was of course CGI so he didn't look perfectly in place with Belle. His voice was gruff and his voice when singing was beautiful. I think the way the flow of the story was taking place or Belle again but it took me a while to get used to the way he was portrayed. The actor who plays him is someone I know from watching a very horror filled show, The Legion, so even if he didn't look right with his hair long at the end I still liked Dan Stevens.


The Villagers I'll be talking about are Gaston and LeFou. Gaston and LeFou's relationship contributed to the humor in the story. I thought Gaston was played perfectly although he was a bit older than I originally expected. LeFou was hilarious as always and made the greatest remarks about himself. The scene where they all sing about how great Gaston was my favorite. That song is just perfect. I got a lot more of what the song said watching the live action for some reason. I didn't realize LeFou's name was LeFou as well. It's perfect for his character. I enjoyed that he was conflicted with Gaston's actions and started thinking for himself.

The Castle Dwellers were really magical. The way that Lumiere, the Featherduster Lumiere adores, and Cogsworth were created were simply beautiful. Lumiere, Ewan McGregor sang was always quite wonderful. I didn't really like Mrs. Potts and Chip were designed although I'm sure others would like them. I also didn't like the part about the opera singer being the drawer. The piano bit at the end was very funny though.


The classic songs were done wonderfully. I enjoyed the new songs as well although some didn't connect to me as much. Evermore particularly is very melodic and a perfect song for Beast. "Now I know she'll never leave me..." That's the best. The sound track is fantastic.

How Does a Moment Last Forever is okay. It's a very sweet short song. The father has a plot that's different. They talk about Belle's mother which I don't know if I really liked or belived because of the acting.

Days in the Sun revealed some about the way the Beast grew up which was very telling. It was a beautiful song from the castle dwellers point of view.

How Does a Moment Last Forever wasn't my favorite just because that part of the plot I didn't feel connected to.

Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest, The Mob Song, Evermore, Days in the Sun, and Something There were the songs I really liked.

What did you think of Beauty and the Beast? 
Who is your favorite Disney princess?


  1. I thought Emma Watson was a good choice too. It's too bad she seemed a little bored... I haven't seen this yet but I kinda want to. Glad the music was so well done.


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