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For a long time now I've always had a consistent stream of books in my life. Yeah, there are a couple of times where I take what seems like long breaks from the blog or reading but not like this. I've only read 11 books this year and I feel out of sorts.

I never wanted to be one of those people who stopped doing something they love or living their life once they've gotten a job but I've done just that. I haven't got a job yet but I was training to be a teacher and I'm graduating soon. For some reason during that whole time I decided only to read two books which feels like the biggest crime I've ever committed. 

Now that the semester is closing I've reawakened to the world of books but for how long? How on Earth do people balance their lives? I can't imagine being in a relationship and having kids. I don't want life to pass me by and this doesn't necessarily have to do with books. Just in general, I need to be more organized. Prepared to not just work for my whole entire life and miss all the other things I want to do with it. 

All of you life balancers out there. How do you do it? Does it just take time and practice? Or is planning the way to go?


  1. I think sometimes it takes some time - you have to get used to new schedules and all that a new job or life event adds. Then find the times that allow you to do the things you love, like read or see friends or whatever else! Planning is definitely good for certain things. :)


  2. Don't worry! You'll get back to reading soon. I don't think I read much my last semester in college because there was just so much I had to do and so much to worry about. Then when I graduated and started working I didn't read because I had to get used to working all day. After a little while I started reading again but then I started dating the guy I would marry and kind of stopped reading for awhile again. Then after a few months I started reading again. Frankly if you were reading at this point I'd be surprised! You're learning a new skill and figuring out what you're going to do but you won't always be in this huge transition and I think you'll find when things settle down you'll get back to reading until the next transition. You may not read as much as you did before but it'll be easier to squeeze a book in on a regular basis.

  3. Don't worry! Sometimes life is busier and we don't have as much time for reading. I am almost always listening to an audio book in the car. I also read just about every night before bed. When I am on the treadmill (walking) I read too. But, I also have a job in which I read to children, so reading is incorporated into my daily life there.

    Another thing that helps me to balance the time is that I do give myself permission to abandon books now. I didn't used to do that. But- I figure that life is short and there are so many amazing books that I will never get to that I shouldn't waste my precious time on books I don't like. I am glad I just typed that because I have been reading a book I do not like and have been debating stopping. I have read over 200 pages and still do not like it. I gave it a chance and I am going to stop reading it and read something better. No one will give me a gold medal for reading a book I don't like- lol. :)

    Good luck!

  4. It will ebb and flow. When my kids were young, I read less than 100 a year, when my nest was empty I read 300 a year..lol Some years, busy years I read less than 25. I rarely watch TV, or go to movies.


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