A Royal Gathering

Originally this was supposed to be about real people I would want to invite to a royal gathering but then I found the Rapunzel castle for the picture above and decided that really I would want to have fictional characters at my table. So if I could bring any fictional characters over I would bring:

Rapunzel and Flynn

Reason: One of my favorite Disney couples ever.


Reason: Imagine all the crazy stories or going to Wonderland with Alice. I invited her to my place so why wouldn't she do the same?


Reason: I want to find out what book she was reading at the very beginning of the movie. Then I would just talk about books with her.


Reason: Simply because she's a badass and I want that awesomeness near me.

Blue Sargent

Reason: Pretty much the same as Feyre plus I do and don't want tarot cards read to me by a magical person.


Reason: A genuinely nice person who is weird which makes her amazing in my book.

Darcy and Elizabeth

Reason: It's Darcy and Elizabeth...  I want to hear their love story first hand.


Reason: Kat from Kat, Incorrigible is magic and goes on adventures that have her saving the day constantly. I want her to take me on an adventure.

Percy and Annabeth

Reason: They are both hilarious together and again - I want to go on an adventure. Preferably one that won't get me killed.

Harry, Hermione, And Ron

Reason: No reason needed.

Who would you invite to a royal gathering or a visit to your home?


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