Traveling on the Open Road

This is a discussion from the Royal Challenge hosted here She's Got Books on Her Mind.

If you are a particularly adventurous person you explore new places. You pack a lot of food, clothes, and precautionary items. But what if you are going in a trip and you are a reader? What books would you bring on your trip?

I know what I will bring. My must have books in my traveling bag would be:

A Week in the Woods is not only a favorite of mine but is all about a boy who comes to love nature. There's a big nature trip he prepares for even by reading some classic books by Jack London. 

My Side of the Mountain is all about a boy who starts living in the woods. This book might just come in handy if I need some tips on making friends with a falcon. 

It may seem like I'm going into the woods on this trip but I just may be going from town to town and you know what book is great for that? Safe Haven where a woman is running away from her past. I loved reading this book with my mom and it would provide great comfort when I was missing home.

The Unexpected Everything and Saint Anything are a must because they are nice, happy reads that I've come to consider favorites of mine. When I'm feeling like the journey will never end. I'll have these by my side to pass the time between walking.

The final book I would bring would by a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because I can't NOT bring a Harry Potter book. It's also a great weapon if I needed it.

Now I know I should bring some non-bookish things on my trip if I want to survive... 

Books should be enough items to bring...

So if there is space I would bring....

A hatchet - You can guess where I got this idea.

A water bottle - for those times I'll get thirsty.

Money - Got to have that cash to pay for all those inn food and beds.

Map and compass - I'm on the road so no GPS for me.

Chocolate and Candy - No trip would be complete without them.

What bookish and non-bookish things would you bring on the open road?


  1. Great books for the open road. I think I would take a bit of this and a bit of that, genres to choose from and maybe even a re-read

    Choco a must

  2. Great post! To be honest, I never really enjoyed Hatchet or My Side of the Mountain, but I could see how these type of titles would be handy. I'd totally take an HP book - either the third or the sixth.


  3. These books sound great, Adriana. And yes, chocolate, always.


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