September 2016 Monthly Recap

It's already October! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I really love Halloween and all it represents -  scares, fun, and most importantly... candy! This last month in September I got to read a couple of contemporary reads, reread a favorite series of mine (Shatter Me) and almost completely read Dragon Ball Z (#'s 1-24).

Reading Plans 

This month I plan to read the NetGalley books I have left over and finish reading most of the Grimm Fairy Tale books. I also have to read some halloweenish books (witches, haunts, and maybe even some gore). 

First Book of the Month

What are you planning to read this October?


  1. I LOVE October and Halloween. I have some different things I need to read and review - but some work for the month! I'm hoping to get some other fun spooky reads in too though.


    1. I feel like it's a must to read at least one spooky read!

  2. Good luck with your NG books! I'm working on whittling my list down on there right now :) And yay for Oct! I love this time of year too :)

    1. I'm basically just reading my NG books until I'm done. It's not too much thankfully but I want to get them done especially since I'm excited for each and everyone of them. Good luck!


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