#FitReaders: October 28, 2016 Check-In

Not the greatest last two weeks. I'm trying to run instead of jog because I've completely just failed at jogging outside after I did so well for seven minutes straight outside. I need to reexamine everything again. So frustrating!!!

Maybe distract myself with music?

Running/Jogging and Walking

Sunday, October 23, 2016
1.33 miles in 23 minutes and 23 seconds  (Calves killed me after this. I forgot I run oddly and felt super-self conscious afterwards...)

Monday. October 24, 2016
1.02 miles in 20 minutes and 11 seconds

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
0.51 miles in 12 minutes and 14 seconds (distance wasn't recorded the whole time)

*I'm thinking I'm just going to have to go for it every day I can. I've been trying to run on my toes for some time just because my dad recommends it to fix my weird run thing. I don't do it the whole time but I feel like I've gone 50 steps backwards when I was doing so well. I know running is different from jogging but I need to be able to do as well as I was before. I'm going to add music to the mix to see if that works for me. Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. Ok I'm not in anyway a professional in fitness but from everything I've read you need to run on the midfoot. This is to prevent injury, at least that's what I've read. As long as your odd run doesn't hurt you I wouldn't worry about it. I was self-conscience when I started running outside too, but you shouldn't you're doing this for you. As for helping with your time, have you tried podcasts or audio-books to distract you? I hope this helps. Have a great week, and keep at it. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm trying my hardest to go straight with my legs but it doesn't seem like my odd stance is doing any harm thankfully. I have heard the midfoot - near the toes or whatever that part of foot is - is the best spot to run on. I'm working on it still!
      I surprisingly could do the race without music but I think I'll try adding it to distract me some more.

  2. Oh gosh, I wish I was a runner. I've never been good at it though. I think music would be nice though - a good distraction.

    1. Yeah, although when I did the race I was only focused on my time, the road, and the people in front of me. With training it should help.

  3. Keep it up! I recommend going to a running store - look online, hopefully you have a running shoe store near you. Talk to them about your stride and the best mechanics. They can also recommend the best shoe for you - shoes make a huge difference when running! Good luck!

    1. I got the same advice from my dad. It did help with soreness in my legs. It feels like a big difference from my regular shoes.


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