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I've been so absorbed in the Olympics this year. I guess it's because I'm older and appreciate fitness more. I saw this tag over at Writing My Own Fairy Tale which is credited to It Starts at Midnight and I had to before the Olympics is coming to a close. 

Saint Anything was a perfect book from beginning to end. I didn't expect the greatness that I would behold until I started reading. The Chatham family are the most loyal and loving family. The friendships in the story, slow romance, and the struggles the MC faced with her brother being in jail and her parents paying too much attention on her made this the perfect read. And perfect for this category.

I've only read two road trip books before to be honest. I picked You Are Here because it has this quality of me in it. It was odd just how connected I felt to the story but I did.

Hands down the only book with a good love triangle that I've ever found. I rooted for both guys at different points of the series. It was very bittersweet at the end and I still kind of expect another book to see how they are doing fifty years later.

I kind of don't remember what happened in this story. I do and I don't and that's not good. I only gave it two stars because the romance made no sense to me. Unfortunately I don't get the hype.

How did I get so lucky to read this book? Another perfect book over here especially for the summer. A book related slow romance and an MC who learns so much about herself. There is one moment I will never forget and I'm happy I was able to read it this summer.

Really what other book is so violent? The thing is that I don't really read violent books other than Tokyo Ghoul which is also really violent. I decided on The Hunger Games because it's the first book like it that I've ever read and although there are violent moments there are happy moments in there as well.

After the Woods didn't really have that many plot twists but it had one that I was half expecting but freaking out over the whole time. The moral of the story: Don't trust shady people.

This destroyed my soul!!! Ripped it in little tiny pieces. The ending is what got me but everything in between got to me too. The two main characters, Nastya and Josh, are so likable. Nastya's pain and feeling like a victim got to me. It's just the culmination of everything and the reveal at the end that killed me inside and I cried ugly tears. A seriously beautiful story. 

Gameboard of the Gods is a very slow paced read set in a new world which means new words and technical things that only revolved around this certain world. It was really good, thank goodness, but unfortunately underappreciated.

A Week in the Woods is one of the books that really made me want to be that hiker nature lover type which I'm not.... but in my dreams I will be. I see no flaws in this book which is great when I reread it for fun now that I'm older.

I read Winnie the Pooh a while back and I feel like I learned so much about the Hundred Acre Woods and its cast of characters. Owl is not a great speller, Tigger is a little kid, and there needs to be more appearances by the minor characters. I did in fact still find out that Eeyore is a pessimistic sourpuss and I love him for it. He's much more needy than I expected though.

This whole plot just had me cringing. While everything was happening with an older guy, I just wasn't having it. 

The most loyal friends ever are in this book. They would do anything for each other even if they have problems in their life and sometimes with each other.

I usually read football stories so above are only one soccer book and a basketball story that I enjoyed. Front and Center is in the Dairy Queen series which has a sibling relationship that I adore. They help each other so much and don't know how to say thank you. 

What was your favorite sport in the Olympics?


  1. I do really like this tag. I tried to watch a lot of the Olympics this year and it was fun!


    1. I love watching the Olympics especially Summer. I think I don't get as excited for Winter because I despise the cold haha (:


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