Bout of Books: Mix n' Match Challenge

Day two of Bout of Books is down and I've finally gotten into Throne of Glass. I'll end up finishing it today and starting the next book in the series. The challenge happening now is called Mix n' Match which was created by The Nickster and hosted at Bout of Books. The idea is to pick up around 10-15 books at a random page and write down the first word on the page (omitting articles like the, an, a, I, etc.). The goal is to create a new sentence adding in some articles if needed. 

The Books I Chose

The Random Words
  • laughed
  • barely
  • that
  • though
  • stores
  • nightmares
  • true
  • lost
  • perfect
  • people
  • end
  • earned

My Sentence

It was true that I barely laughed as I was lost in nightmares though the perfect people in stores made me feel I earned them in the end.

*My sentence felt like I cheated a little bit but in the end it still makes no sense so I'll say I didn't.

Bout of Books Progress

Currently Reading: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
Pages Read: 144
Pages Read in Total: 150
Books Read: 0

*Better than yesterday. I'm really into Throne of Glass and I expect to finish it soon.

What sentence would you have made with my random words?


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