It's Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder

Cupcakes #1. Aladdin (March 2010) Library
Twelve-year-old Isabel is dying to get out of her small town of Willow, Oregon, and travel like her best friend, Sophie. But when Isabel’s mother decides to open up a cupcake shop across town, Isabel is once again stuck in Willow for the summer…until she learns of a baking contest where the finalists get an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to compete in the final bake-off. But Sophie is also entering the contest, and Isabel’s mother has reservations. Can Isabel finally realize her dreams of leaving Willow without hurting two of the most important people in her life?


Cupcakes are beautiful and wonderful things. A story about cupcakes, well, that'll easily draw me in. But this isn't just a story about cupcakes - it's about individuality, fear of failure, and wanting more out of life.


Isabel is a dreamer. She dreams of traveling the world like her flight attendant aunt, that her mom will stop jumping from idea to idea (she's currently on a mission to own a cupcake shop), and that she'll win a baking competition all on her own. Her mother is a dreamer too, hence jumping from idea to idea. She's so excited yet so fearful of her cupcake shop. Isabel and her dad are in charge of building her confidence up in an unspoken agreement because as soon as Isabel's mom gets even slightly discouraged - she gives up. And if she gives up on her cupcake shop then who knows where their family will be.


Although food books are my jam, It's Raining Cupcakes was just okay. The ending felt abrupt and really now - how does no one come to the conclusion that the mom is obviously having mood swings so she might have a mental illness? 

What I did enjoy were all those cupcake recipes, the imagery of the food, the best friend (even if she was away at camp most of the time), and Isabel. Isabel tried to branch out on her own by making a tart for the baking competition, but her mom thought cupcakes would get the shop some great advertising. They all always have to try to please the mom so this causes a dilemma for Isabel. She's a good mother otherwise. I do however strongly believe she's suffering from something. I just don't know what.


If you like mom and daughter stories with some yummy dessert treats then It's Raining Cupcakes might fair better for you. It's a nice and fun read but, a bit young perhaps for my taste.


  1. Your cupcake pictures are delicious. Thanks for linking up with Foodies Read.

    1. I wanted to eat them right up when I saw them!

  2. How cute! This would be perfect for me to read with my kids, as long as it's not skewed too old for them. You said it was too young for you, but do you think it's appropriate for an eight year old?

  3. I want to read this just for the cupcakes!


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