Yotsuba&! Vol. 2 by Kiyohiko Azuma

Yotsuba&! #2. Yen Press (Sept. 2009) Library
Yotsuba is trying her hand at drawing, but a few ruthless art critics could squash her dreams. A new love for gangster movies will tear her away from her artistic endeavors, when this green-haired girl-turned-goodfella uses her trigger-happy tactics to douse her doubtful neighbors. But when Yotsuba's water pistol runs out of ammo, our huggable thug  learns that revenge is a dish best served dry...

As I was reading Yotsuba&!, I couldn't help wondering was this story funnier than I remember? The expressions on the characters' faces and chapter stories were hilarious. Yotsuba has cemented herself into a must read series for me. I guess since I know the characters now I'm scrutinizing it less and enjoying Yotsuba's antics even more.

One of the stories included Yotsuba watching a gangster movie which made her just have to be a gangster herself. She goes and kills off her dad and his friend Jumbo. Then she goes after her neighbors with her water gun. The whole thing just had me giggling.

 Yotsuba is such an innocent and wonderful little girl. Her adventures also included her drawing with her friend Ena who lives next door and Ena's friend (a new character) Miura; her gangster stunt shooting her neighbors Ena, Fuka, their mom, and almost Asagi...; getting cake with the neighbors; discovering roller blades on shoes; painting her dad's face when he sleeps and more.  All of her antics are fun to read. Yotsuba&! is such a funny delightful manga that I'm happy to continue on in the future.

Do you have funny stories of yourself as a kid?


  1. Ooh I haven't read Japanese comics in a long while (I read Chinese translations). This one sounds cute. I wonder if there's an English-translated version of Kindaichi (series about a young detective), and if you've read it, Adriana? It's not adorable like this one, but it's pretty challenging and exciting.

    1. That's wonderful. I wish I could read in Spanish.
      I haven't heard of Kindaichi. I do think TokyoPop released it on English. Thanks for letting me know about it. I'll see if I can find it at the library (:

  2. There are a good handful of outlandish things I did as a child, it was mostly things I said - there's a certain candor about me I was born with :P

    More to this cute comic book though, do you think it is kid friendly? My youngest daughter who is eight years old loves reading Manga :)

    1. Haha ~ I don't know about me but my brother was always someone that can easily entertain me and make me seem like the most gullible person on earth.

      Definitely, I haven't encountered anything sexual or offensive at all. I know, you have to be careful with manga sometimes.

    2. There is though one moment wear one of the character comments on another looking good in a swimsuit so maybe just check it out before hand if anything to make sure it's okay (:


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