The Saga of Rex by Michel Gagné

Standalone. Image Comics (Nov. 2010) Library
A little fox named Rex is plucked from his home world by a mysterious spaceship and transported to the arcane world of Edernia, where he meets Aven, an enigmatic biomorph with a flying saucer. Follow his epic journey as he travels through outer-worldly landscapes, faces strange perils, and makes surprising encounters.

A mostly illustrated comic, The Saga of Rex, is about a little fox who is taken from his home and goes on an adventure that'll lead him to his soulmate.

I got The Saga of Rex from the library because it looked adorable and it really was. It was a sweet little story that has some strange origin story. Basically, the idea centers around this yearly event where they take an animal and match them up with what is supposed to be their soulmate. The catch is that only one couple will make it and live in this utopia type place.

Most of the story centers around Rex who goes on this adventure and gets into trouble. There are times when Aven, his soulmate is around, but mostly he's trying to navigate a new world.

Part sci-fi, part love story, The Saga of Rex is a cute read that everyone can love.

What's the sweetest love story you've read?


  1. That fox is too cute for words!

  2. Aww the little fox looks adorable. Haven't come across a book that features a fox and is part sci-fi, part love story! The sweetest love story I've read ... maybe Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin.

    1. Oh cool. I'll have to look up Winter's Tale. Thanks Claudine!

  3. This looks absolutely adorable. I definitely have to read this one. :)


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