Royal Challenge 2016


Last year I decided to dive into the world of yearly reading challenges with my very own challenge. I did not expect so many people signing up or the amount of reviews posted. It was really fun hosting!

This time around I want to do things a little differently. Instead of reading across the U.S. I decided that reading books that had to do with royalty would be something a little different and fun. That's books with princesses, princes, queens, kings, castles, kingdoms, and heroic quests. Whether it's fiction or nonfiction; picture books, graphic novels, or otherwise - stories having anything to do with royalty all are welcome for this challenge. There will be discussions along the way to get you in the spirit of being royal. Sound like your kind of thing? Then join the Royal Challenge!

(Image sources: Crown - Pattern 1 - Pattern 2)

The Goal: 

Read books that have a royal theme.

Examples: Books that center around anyone with a royal title (Prince, Princess, Queen, Duke, etc.), knights, castles, kingdoms, or heroic quests. (Anything else you can think of just let me know!)


Knight: 1-3 books

Baron or Baroness: 4-6 books

Earl or Countess: 7-9 books

Duke or Duchess: 10-12 books

Prince or Princess: 13- 15 books

King or Queen: 15+ books


January: A Royal Year
*Describe your goals and books you think you want to read for this challenge.

February: What Makes a Princess (or Prince!) 
* Create Your Own Princess or Prince! Come up with a list of attributes that you think makes a perfect (or imperfect) princess or prince. Connect those attributes with any character from a book.

March: Going on a Quest (Where Will You Go?)
*List places you would want to visit on a quest. Bonus: What is your quest about?

April: Traveling on the Open Road 
*What books and (if you had space) what non-bookish things would you bring on a quest? (Super cool sword anyone?)

May: Classic Heroic Tales 
*What are your favorite classic heroic tales or themes that you enjoy in books with heroes?

June: A Royal Update
*How are you doing with your challenge? What books would you recommend to read or to stay away from?

July: A Tale as Old as Time 
* What time in history would you want to travel to that has to do with Kings and Queens? Would you change anything?

August: A Royal Gathering
*If you had the chance to invite anyone past or present to a royal feast who would you bring?

September: Retellings and Wishes 
*What are your favorite royal retellings? What retellings would like to be told? (Ex. You don't like the ending of Cinderella and you would change it to... or original stories you think need to be retold)

October: Kissing Your Curse Away 
*The importance of curses and what it means to be telling young girls that a prince will save them (or do you think that people put too much weight on princess stories?)

November: Happily Ever After 
*Pick your favorite story about royalty (or Disney princess!). What would happen after the book was over?

December: A Journey's End
*How did you do with your challenge? Did you get to read any fantastic books or join any discussions?

*Discussions are optional!

Royal Book Lists:

Are you excited!?


  1. Adriana, your Royal Challenge will be a great hit! I don't read much knights and princesses books but I know there are die-hards out there. Will give a shout-out on Twitter and Google+. I was thinking, how about including Emperors and Empresses?

    1. Oh I was going to, but I wouldn't know where to put them. Thank you (:

  2. This sounds like a fun one. I'm doing it. And I'm hosting a challenge for the first time next year. Please take a look and let me know if you are interested:

  3. Fun discussion ideas! I don't read that many books with royal beings. haha I'll have to keep this challenge in mind though!

  4. This is a great idea! Thanks so much!

  5. A Princess Under the Mistletoe by Leanne Banks
    His Christmas Countess by Louise Allen
    Lord Lansbury's Christmas Wedding by Helen Dickson
    Destined for the Desert King by Kate Walker and Maisey Yates

  6. Oh, this challenge sounds so fun! I can't wait to discover great royal reads!

  7. This challenge sounds wonderful! I have signed up and I can't wait to get started!

  8. I may have resembled Anna in the Frozen gif just a little when I read this challenge. :)

  9. Sounds fun! I'm aiming for Baroness. I included my Goodreads shelf link above, but I will also be participating on Instagram. :)

    - Cassandra @ Wickedly Delicious Tales

    1. Happy to have you join! I'll be checking on your Instagram for sure (:

  10. Oh I'm so excited for this!!!! I homeschool, and we're actually in Middle Ages - Renaissance right now... so perfect timing!! :D Read to the kids, and read for myself.

    1. Sweet! That is perfect timing. I hope you have fun reading with your kids (:

  11. Hi, will you be doing this challenge next year?

  12. Hi, I'm done:

    Will you be doing this again or another challenge for next year?


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