Nonsense! by Edward Lear Pictures by Valorie Fisher

Standalone. Atheneum Books (Oct. 2004) Library
What's as deliciously silly as Edward Lear's verse?

Valorie Fisher's sly, imaginative illustrations, that's what!

Using everything from etchings to ephemera to her own wildly patterned artwork, Fisher re-creates Lear's world -- where people waltz with flies, ride geese out to sea, and build balloons to examine the moon -- in a fresh and ever-so-fanciful way. 

Sometimes we need a little nonsense in our lives. That's where Edward Lear's simplistic yet silly limericks come in. His poems rhyme characters doing something uncommonly weird in different towns around the world.

The artwork is a mismatched array of drawings, photographs of toys, and pictures seemingly pasted on. There is a good amount of vocabulary words that can be explored by kids. It's also a great way for kids to practice limericks and possibly write and learn about geography -- using capitals for the limericks.

Nonsense! is a silly read for young ones that are sure to get some laughs.

Who is your favorite poet?


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