Fancy Nancy Tea for Two

Fancy Nancy. Harper Festival (Feb. 2012) Gift
When Nancy is invited over to Bree’s house for a special tea party, she has only one thing to say: oui! The girls enjoy a few charming cups of tea before a disaster occurs that sets the two at odds. Will Nancy and Bree be able to save their friendship?

Fancy Nancy is one of those uber famous children's series I've yet to read. I got a chance to discover what little girls (and possibly boys) like so much about Miss Fancy Nancy.

Fancy Nancy is all about the fancy things in life. She clarifies all of her fancy words by defining them like in a jiffy is fancy for right away. She's always wearing over the top dresses and colorful hair clips along with her friend Bree next door. Bree invites her like-minded friend for a tea party at her house. Unfortunately something goes wrong and the two friends might not be friends for much longer.

Fancy Nancy is a truly girly book that any little child would enjoy. It's like the Eloise of this age. I like the that she expresses who she is. I find her lucky to have a friend who knows her so well. This story shows how friendship and admitting your mistakes is more important than your pride.

Who's that special person in your life who knows you so well?


  1. I have two girls who are avid readers and absolutely adore this series. This one and Amelia Bedelia, but who doesn't like Amelia Bedelia!? Her books can always make me smile :)

    1. Oh yes, I like the newer version of Amelia Bedelia - the one where she is younger.

    2. Yes! We just purchased a set two weeks ago, my girls are done with them :/ it's hard keeping their book fetish fed ha ha! I'm grateful for the library :D

    3. I am too. Without the library I wouldn't have fifty books under my bed ready to read ~ I'm hoarding them for the new year.

  2. My daughter went through a stage where she read all the Fancy Nancy books. I would read them with her, too. These are great books, and I love the situations Nancy gets herself into. My daughter is that special person. :)


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