FitReaders: November 20, 2015 Check-In


#FitReaders: I didn't go to the gym this week. I'm going to start working out at home again when my gym partners aren't able to go. I've also known for a while that I need to gain weight and I did slightly for a while, however I'm still basically the same weight as before. I need to start focusing on eating more calories and I'm planning on figuring that out this week. 

Friday, November 13th ~ 1,436 steps
Saturday, November 14th ~ 10,198 steps
Sunday, November 15th ~ 10,020 steps
Monday, November 16th ~ 4,822 steps
Tuesday, November 17th ~ 10,048 steps
Wednesday, November 18th ~ 10,111 steps
Thursday, November 19th ~ 11,371 steps

Total Steps: 58,006


  1. Best of luck with your working out and gaining weight - I wish gaining was my problem, but at the same time, i know gaining weight can still be really difficult for some people!


    1. Yeah, its much harder than people might think. I've been tracking my food intake and I've had to eat more than I usually do just maintain my weight especially after I factor in the calories taken away because of my walking for the day. Thanks for the support!

  2. I am so impressed! You keep going even when your gym partners bail. That's awesome. Good luck with your other goals. You're getting me more motivated. I've started eating healthier, but I need to start getting more exercise.

    Dena @ Batch of Books

    1. Well your halfway there! I need to start eating healthier and more food. It's not that my gym partner bails - he's getting ready for his baby who's coming soon. I'm his guest too so I need to buy my own subscription very soon.

  3. Checking in is half the battle sometimes! You can do it!! I'm not eating very healthily right now.


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