April Reading Road Trip Link-Up

It's already April and many of you are blasting through your challenge! Great job getting those challenge reads in Bev @ My Reader's Block, Reading Chronicles, Sue, and Lady Bren. I've been slowing down on my challenge so this month I plan on 5 books towards my Adventurer goal. 

So how did you do this past month? What books are you planning to read in April? Are there any real good books that explore the states setting? Make sure to let me know in the comments and link up your review updates below using this format:

State (Book) @ blog/twitter/goodreads. 
For example: Florida (Because of Winn-Dixie) @BooksOnHerMind

If you want to check out what this challenge is all about you can go here. Thanks to all who are participating! Remember if you need help ask and I will answer.

Link Up!


  1. I had already claimed a California book, but wanted to post another in case anyone was looking for options. :-)

  2. A Snicker of Magic is Tennessee.
    Julia Gillian series is Minnesota
    Fablehaven is Connecticut
    Romeo and Juliet Code is Maine

    Those are the ones I thought of right away when I thought of states.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  3. Bev, I feel free to post all my state reads here, even if I've already "visited" that state. Because honestly, why not? ;)

  4. I'm getting there! I'm at at total of 9 states so far! There seem to be a lot of books that are set in Texas!


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