Meeting Authors for the First Time

So I went to a little thing called the Miami Book Fair International this past weekend. I did not know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a street fair where I can buy some books and go to big auditoriums where I'd get to hear some authors speak. All of that was true except I actually met authors, got pictures taken with them, bought tons of books - got them signed, and listened to the authors in a very small, intimate setting. 

I'm still flabbergasted that I got to meet Robin LaFevers, Raina Telgemeier, and Lauren Oliver. All of them had great things to say about their audience and their books. 

I first went to see Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures) and Robin LaFevers (Grave Mercy) and they were so sweet to each other. They complimented each other on their books and asked each other questions about their books. It was very nice to see that authors can by fangirls or fanboys about each others books. I was really happy that no one ruined anything but, there were little things I learned about the His Fair Assassin series like whenRobin mentioned that she liked a girl's jacket that said "beast." and she said that he was the hero of the second book. I've only read Grave Mercy and I was excited to find out that the beast had such a major role in the second book. She also mentioned that she might create books in the same world as the His Fair Assassin books in the future but, I don't think with the same people. Kami talked about her new series Legion which I love the concept for and kind of want to read now.

I enjoyed hearing the back story of Grave Mercy and where Robin got her idea as well as Kami's back story in becoming an author. Kami was a teacher for seventeen years and she created Beautiful Creatures with her friend on a dare. Beautiful Creatures got sent to a publisher without them knowing! The whole story was of chance and I loved feeling like authors are real people that I could talk with about books like we were friends. Before this whole experience authors were very far away from the books I loved which is weird. I've never really known an author before. And I have never really cherished what the authors I love write specifically. I cherish some authors books but in an abstract way? I don't know... I just felt connected (cheesy I know) with this experience to authors in general. And I feel like I can enjoy books in a whole different way. I just feel like I'm not a reader reader. I read but, I don't think I'm all the way the passionate reader that so many bloggers are. Basically, from now on I want to be more of that passionate reader and know more about series, books, and authors in order to get the whole experience of being a reader. If that made any sense to anyone let me know.

I got to see Raina Telgemeier of Smile fame. I bought her sequel to that book, Sisters, and got it signed which was awesome. Her whole line was filled with young girls which was funny and sweet. She talked about having one or two female comic book writers as inspiration for her career. She talked about not wanting just her to be that for young girls who want to write and draw comics. She was super nice and I'm excited to read Sisters because I loved Smile so much.

Lastly, I got to see Lauren Oliver who was promoting her adult novel Rooms. She has the most bubbly personality which I loved about her. Did you know her father wrote about serial killers? She was super sweet when I was talking to her. I told her how I loved Before I Fall (which I just got for my birthday and would have bought if I knew I could get it signed!) and I needed to read the rest of her Delirium series. She read a chapter or two of Rooms and as I was listening I just thought that this girl could write anything. There were two more authors speaking about their books - Emma Straub and Lydia Millet who were both very funny especially when they read their own writing.

So in the end Books & Books took all my money when I bought Dark Triumph, Mortal Heart, Sisters, Deliruim, and Unwholly (it was already autographed inside). This was such a great experience and I love books more for it. 

Have you ever met an author?


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