Renegade Magic by Stephanie Burgis

Kat, Incorrigible #2. Atheneum Books (April 2012) Library
Is nineteenth-century England ready for the magic and mischief of Kat Stephenson?Kat Stephenson may have inherited her mother's magical talents, but not everyone in the Order of Guardians is ready to accept her. When she is tricked into losing her temper in front of the most powerful Guardian in England, she finds herself expelled without a single magic lesson.After a devastating accusation shatters her sister Angeline's romance, their stepmama whisks the family away to the fashionable city of Bath and orders Angeline to find a new fiance. But as Angeline plays a dangerous game with a scandalous rake, their brother Charles, tumbles headlong into danger... and Bath's wild magic gets ready to explode. With more than one life at stake, will Kat's untrained magic be enough to reunite Angeline with her true love, conquer the danger at Bath, and prove she truly has what it takes to be a Guardian?   

Burgis does it again! Kat comes back as her rebellious, wonderful self in Renegade Magic. Once again she has to help save her sister's love life even if that sister doesn't want any part of her help. This was another brilliantly told story about Kat doing whatever it took for her family's happiness as well as standing by them no matter who they are perceived to be even if that means getting something precious taken from her.

Renegade Magic starts off the day of Elissa's wedding where trouble soon follows. After what was supposed to be the happiest day of Elissa's life she gets bombarded by a mother who doesn't want her son being bewitched into being in her family. It isn't Elissa who is in trouble this time around; Angeline is the one who gets the rug pulled from under her when she's told she cannot marry her true love by his (Frederick's) mother. If he does try to marry Angeline he will have his inheritance taken away and he will wind up penniless. 

I sensed the loss of Elissa in this story the same way Kat did. I felt like I lost a bit of the sisterly dynamic that I grew to love so much in the last book. I liked how Kat's emotions over her sister's absence were addressed. The author didn't bypass what would be obvious conflicting emotions stirring up inside Kat over her sister not living with her anymore. I loved that Angeline was still around and continuing her old scheming ways. I wish I saw a little more of her but I still got to see her make a mess of her situation in a ridiculous way again. I noticed with Angeline and Kat and with a lot of people really... that no one quite trusted Kat. Sure, she tells wild stories and lies sometimes but she does them to protect her family. When she says she's telling the truth or that something is not the way it is I wish people would cut her some slack and believe her. I do have to say that even if people underestimate her, it's always nice to have an underdog to root for.

I am so happy that Kat's brother Charles and her father actually had interactions and substantial dialogue in this book. I thought after Kat, Incorrigible that had to happen so I was genuinely pleased to know that I was right. Kat will always have the spotlight in this trilogy of course. She had her own troubles to deal with. I felt the frustration she had when she wasn't able to learn to control her magic and be a part of the Order. She is still remarkably smart on her feet on her own. I love how even if people stop believing in her she does the right thing. She's always striving to help those around her which is a great trait to have in a heroine.

Lucy! I loved Lucy. Lucy is a new character that comes about in this particular book. Lucy is usually in a fit of giggles. She's super sweet and bubbly. She plays a surprising role in this story - actually the main part of the trouble that Kat has to face. She reminds Kat how lucky she has it with Angeline when her beastly mother and sister are all up turned noses at everyone and don't seem to care about her as much as they should. That's unfortunate but she does shine as the best one out of the bunch. I do hope I see her later on. I really want to know what becomes of her.

Although it doesn't quite compare with the first book, Renegade Magic is still completely fantastic. I worry about losing Angeline and what that will do to the next book. However, I'm sure Kat can manage to entertain me on her own if it comes to that. I really want to read about her learning some practical magic in the next book. It's going to be an amazing finish to a series that has captured my heart.  


  1. I haven't heard of this series before, but the cover is ADORABLE! <3 Even if it didn't compare to the first book, I'm glad it was still an entertaining and enjoying read for you! :D I love the sound of how magic is used in this series, and I'm all for new characters and characters we already know getting more and more full of depth!

    Thanks for sharing, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  2. This series is on my list now. I can't wait to get them! Kat sounds like a great character and one with depth. :) I loved this review and your enthusiasm for the book. What a beautiful cover! Thanks for sharing. :)


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