Harry Potter Questionnaire Part 1: Hogwarts/Places

I found some questions on tumblr and I thought I would answer here for fun. It'll be in 4 parts over the time I'm reading the last Harry Potter books. You can see what the other questions are about on the tumblr link to the person who originated the questions -Millie @ iwritetoomuch.tumblr.com

1. Hogwarts: Where’s your favorite place in the world?
A: My favorite place in the world is at the beach soaking in the sun and swimming in the salty ocean. It's possibly the only place where I feel completely relaxed. 
2. Sorting Hat: What Hogwarts House would you place yourself in?
A: I've looked at the traits for all of them and I'm still not so sure after all these years. I'd probably see myself in Hufflepuff because I'm not manipulative (Slytherin) or extremely brave (Gryffindor). Although I love books and believe I am very smart I'm probably not as academically smart or clever as the kids at Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff is considered the place where everyone else is placed who don't fit into a category. They are also very loyal which I consider myself to be. I would defend you to the end if you were my family or friend. Unless you want to get yelled at don't mess with my friends. I'm not very cheery or patient though but out of all of them I identify with Hufflepuff the most. Second would be Ravenclaw...

3. Gryffindor: Talk about a situation where you had to be brave.
A: Huh. I probably have never been in a situation where I had to be truly brave except maybe learning to drive which I'm doing now. I've avoided it so long that it's a miracle I was brave enough to start driving at all.
4. Ravenclaw: What’s something you’re good at?
A: Not much unfortunately. Haha! I'm an excellent reader and I'm pretty good at History when I've had to study for tests. I've always liked History. It's pretty interesting so I've always been good at the subject.
5. Hufflepuff: Talk about someone that you are loyal to.
A: I'm extremely loyal to my brothers. I would destroy you if you dared to hurt them. I'd always be on their side against anyone in the world. They probably don't know how much I would have their backs if they needed me - most likely because I need them more as well as being the youngest sibling.
6. Slytherin: Talk about your greatest ambition.
A: My greatest ambition is having the life I want the most. I want to fall madly in love, get married, have kids, run all the time, spend time in nature, have books all around my house, travel when I can, try to be more adventurous, and let go of my fears. I would ultimately like to be happy and feel secure in what I'm doing and who I am as a person. That is my greatest ambition.
7. Diagon Alley: What is something you’ve always wanted to buy?
A: Always?... I guess I've always wanted my own house. I'd decorate how I wanted it. It would be filled with books, movies, cds, clocks, and art. I'd have a french country style kitchen. My whole house would be filled with bookshelves. I'd have a secret door behind a bookshelf leading somewhere else... I plan on my house to be awesome.

8. Ministry of Magic: What would be your dream job?
A: Sit around and read... If that was a job that I could have I would be so happy. 
9(3/4). Platform 9 and 3/4: What’s something that’s always seemed impossible to you?
A: Working and being good at my job. It just seems impossible for me at the moment especially since I'm going into teaching. There's so much to learn and do! I'm also extremely shy with new people and large groups so... we will see how that goes. I also just have never had a job so it worries me that I won't be prepared and someone is bound to yell at me. This is why I could never get into retail...
10. Hogsmeade: What’s the best school trip you've ever been on?
A: I've hardly been on any but Grad Bash was really cool. I only wished that before I went to Universal I realized I could go on another line that was much faster than the main line - that way I wouldn't be stuck in one line for hours on end (if that made any sense...). I need to go back to Universal and visit the Harry Potter section more thoroughly. I had lots of fun with my friends but none of them really liked Harry Potter so I was in the Harry Potter World for such a short time. I did end up buying some lemon candies at Honeydukes. I regrettably bought the Butterbeer that's not the slushy ice one. It kept frothing up all over the place and I didn't like it so I ended up throwing it away... Next time it will be on ice so I can actually taste and enjoy Butterbeer. I really want to go back!!!


  1. 1. I get nervous too doing new things or talking in front of people, but it always works out. I'm sure you will be a great teacher! :)
    2. I want a house too. My husband and I hope we can afford one next year. I really can't wait to have my own place that I can decorate how I want. I already have a whole bunch of ideas on Pinterest. ;)
    3. I'm sad you didn't get to spend a lot of time in HP world. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and we had a blast! We were in that section of the park for a long time. We rode the Frobiden Forest ride like three times, but we also went in October when there wasn't a crowd. We hope to go back now that it has expanded! So there is a plus side, when you go back the park will be even bigger and better!

    Okay done rambling. What a fun post!

    Kay @ It's a Book Life

    1. Haha (: ~ I'm getting some good house decorating ideas from pinterest too. I can't wait to buy all of the bookshelves! I hope you are able to find a great house (:
      You and your husband sound like my parents. They went to Disney World for their Honeymoon. You crazy kids (;
      I know I'll be really happy to get to go to HP World again now that it has been expanded. I'll have to go when no one's around because I hear it's crazy busy now.


  2. Oh this is so amazing. I love the question and your answers. Now that I think about it I think I'd end up in Hufflepuff too. I mean it seems like the most fitting house for me. I'd totally buy myself a house if I could! And I always wanted to have a round room which would me my library! Like in towers to have just one for my little library. One day maybe. Great post, Adriana :)

    1. I think Hufflepuff gets a bad name especially since none of the main characters or popular side characters were Hufflepuff (other than Cedric). It actually fits me quite well too so I'm glad I'm in that house.
      I never thought of having a round room for a library sounds awesome :D
      I really want a secret door to a cozy reading room!!!

  3. THIS IS AWESOME! :D I love how it incorporates so many different aspects of the Harry Potter series. I'd also consider myself to be in Hufflepuff because I value kindness and loyalty, and I think those qualities reflect me more than brave/ambitious/intelligent. xD Thanks for sharing, and GREAT post! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Another Hufflepuff! I'm kind of feeling proud of being in that house. It suit me well and I'm glad it does you too. I'm much more loyal and kind than any of those other qualities although I value intelligence to a degree. I'm just way too chicken to be a Gryffindor!


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