Mini Review: Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity by Dave Roman

Astronaut Academy #1. First Second (June 2011) Library
Hakata Soy's past life as the leader of a futuristic super team won't stay in the past!
The former space hero is doing his best to keep his head down at Astronaut Academy. Things aren't going so great, though. The most popular girl in school has it in for him. His best friend won't return his calls. And his new roommate is a complete jock who only cares about Fireball.
Hakata just wants to make a fresh start. But how will he find time to study Anti-Gravity Gymnastics and Tactical Randomness when he's got a robot doppelganger on its way to kill him?


In hindsight I wish I would have looked up this book more to make sure It was the right book for me. I thought a school up in space would have been a fun read but for me it was a complete miss. I didn't like how every couple of pages a different POV would show up. There were a lot of characters but even when the story went back to one specific character I was annoyed. It was too jumpy and quick to change. The story didn't stay on one person's situation for a long period of time. It just wore me down so that I couldn't enjoy how they all connected together. 

The dialogue also made no sense to me. Well it made sense but it was so clear cut. I am so and so and this is happening to me. It didn't flow right or get me excited about what was happening. I know Zero Gravity is geared toward a younger crowd but I read children's books all the time and love them. Why couldn't I love this one too? I guess Zero Gravity just wasn't for me.