May 2014 Wrap Up

My favorite place in the world to be is at the beach. I love the sun and salty ocean air. It just makes me feel alive. I am so excited to start going to the beach and having long lazy days out in the sun hanging out with my friends. I still have three weeks left of school which has taken considerable amount of my time already but I have reviews coming up that hopefully make up for my absence this May. 

This May I read 4 books and 1 picture book.

Books and picture books I've read:

Such a small display of books I've read in May but I've enjoyed all the books on here. Torn Away was my favorite. I ended up reading only 3 books for the Clean Sweep ARC Challenge.

Bear with me but I'm thinking of changing my blog design. All the white is getting to me.

I want to try to be more active this month. Summer always renews my energy so I'm hoping it does so for my blogging activity. I hate that I missed so many great posts so I'll try to catch up on my favorite blogs to follow. Hope you all have a great month full of reading and relaxation!