Princess Pigsty by Cornelia Funke

Standalone. Scholastic/Chicken House (April 2007) Library
The fourth picture book by literary sensation Funke and celebrated illustrator Meyer; a modern-day, girl-powered, fairy-tale-in-reverse!

One morning Princess Isabella throws her crown out the window--it's BORING being a princess, she declares. When she steadfastly refuses to fetch her crown from the fishpond, her father, the king, puts his royal foot down. "Off to the pigsty with you!" he commands--and Isabella couldn't be happier about her punishment! Because while plain old princesses spend all their time primping and smiling and stifling yawns--yuckety-yuk!-- REAL girls get to peel onions, pick blackberries, and sometimes even sleep outside with the pigs.

Princess Isabella is tired of being the typical princess. She wants to play outside, have fun, and go wild! She's cooped up all day learning how to smile right, laugh right, and one day she throws away her crown and says enough. Her father isn't very happy with his daughter's decision. She refuses to get her crown back from where it landed so the king decides to send her to the kitchens and then to the pigsty. Every day that passes by her knowledge and love grows for everything outside of the castle. She embraces her new name - Princess Pigsty.

Of course I loved how rebellious and independent Isabella was. She held steadfast to who she was not caring what others thought about her. Many girls can see a great example in Isabella to not let anyone hold you back from who you want to be. I didn't feel this was too short like I usually feel with picture books. It's a picture book that can be enjoyed by anyone. I liked how the illustrations were created. It's kind of haphazard in a very good way since the story is how it is. All in all this was a very sweet story about a girl who stuck to what she wanted. It worked out for everyone in the end.  


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