Once Upon a Dream

William A. Breakspeare

I've been thinking about fairy tales a great deal lately specifically retellings of classic fairy tales. I've grown up surrounded by Disney movies. These movies although iconic aren't the original stories created by the Grimm Brothers, Aesop, or others. They created these stories as lessons or to write down stories they've heard all their life. They've enchanted me all my life. Yet, it is the Disney movies that I know and love not the original stories. The original stories are even darker than the movies. If you noticed there is always at least one thing that resembles the original grim tale like Rapunzel being kidnapped, Snow White being poisoned, Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother being eaten, and Aurora being cursed.

Sleeping Beauty's villain is getting her own story. You know the original tale how Aurora is cursed by a sorceress and a knight fights off the dragonous villain to save the day. I know that there is a bunch of negativity revolving around what the princesses represent. I can't help but agree with some of them yet when a movie like Maleficent draws near I can't help but be enthusiastic.

The trailer for Maleficent looks amazing. The trailer with Lana del Rey singing Once Upon a Dream was eerily haunting. It makes me desperate to see where the story is going to lead. I love the original song with Prince Phillip and Aurora so it's pretty cool how it has been twisted around. I want to see how Disney interprets what Maleficent's motive for cursing the young princess. I'm thinking something happened with her and the King so she curses Aurora out of revenge. She might have been seen as a monster and is seeking revenge over the main person who persecuted her. I made this post because I really want to talk about retelling and this movie. What do you think is Maleficent's motive for cursing Aurora? She's seems fascinated by her there must be a connection to her one way or another. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. I'm only familiar with the Disney version of most fairy tales. When I had to read some of the originals for school once I was appalled at how dark they were! Cinderella was especially disturbing. I have no plans of watching Malificent, I don't like the idea of a whole movie focusing on the villain.

    1. I never got to read the originals for school. I wonder if you were made to analyze them because that's pretty cool. Cinderella's story is horrible! Talk about revenge on those stepsisters. Sheesh! Now those birds from the movie she was singing with don't look so friendly (;

      I know a lot of people consider her to be the best villain from the Disney franchise. I kind of understand what you mean. I like stories where the hero or main character is the star. But, I really liked the trailer so I'll give it a shot. Here's hoping it's as good as it looks.

  2. I'm totally keen for this Maleficent movie! Yay for evil movies...er, um, I mean, ah, yay for fairy tale retellings! (But come on, if Loki had a movie all to himself, I'd be there in a snap.) It looks like it's going to do some super awesome twists on the old tale, eh? Can't wait! :)


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