My 7 Deadly Sins of Reading

I saw this feature over at In Libris Veritas. It looked cool so I decided to join in. It's basically like those surveys that go around so that the blogger can let readers know a little bit more about themselves. 


What is your most expensive book? What is your least expensive?

Huh. My most expensive is probably one of Rick Riordan's books because I always get them right away and they are nice and bulky hardbacks. So I will say The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan at around $21-$23 at the time. My least expensive is probably one of those free books from Amazon but I won't count that. If you don't know already there is a county store near me where I get books for ten cents each. When I went there last time I got a book called Sorcery & Cecilia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot. I've read it before and was totally entranced by it. It's written as letters from the two main characters and is full of magic. Great combinations. I've gotten more but that's one I felt instantly lucky to have. I also got one of my favorite books there. Ah, how I love you county store.


Which author do you have a love-hate relationship for?

I don't think I have a love-hate relationship with an author. The only author that crosses my mind right now is Markus Zusak because of what he did to me close to the end of The Book Thief. I've never been so angry at an author or book ever before. J.K. Rowling can be cruel as well.


Which book have you devoured over and over with no shame whatsoever?

My favorite book: A Week in the Woods. I know it's a kids book and it's weird for it to be my favorite or for me to have read it as many times as I have but I love it too much to ever change. I've been thinking about it a lot lately too. I think it's time for another reread!


What book have you neglected to read due to laziness?

So many! There is this one trilogy that I haven't read the last book for. It's all clean and in pristine condition on my bookshelf just waiting for me to read it. It taunts me... The thing is I have to read the first two again because it has been forever since I've read them and I'm reluctant to do so. One reason is obviously laziness and the other is those books are intense! Kind if like Robert Cormier's books. I just need to be in the right mood. Eventually. The first book in the trilogy is A Crack in the Line.


What book do you most talk about in order to sound like a very intellectual reader?

Pffff!!! None. I think that's how most people think about readers. They believe we read to gain just knowledge when it is mainly for fun. I doubt it sounds intellectual when I talk about Harry Potter so I would have to definitely say once again none.


What attributes do you find most attractive in male and female characters?

It really depends on the character and what's going on with their life like I love Charlie's shyness and I love that she breaks out and becomes amazing in A Little Wanting Song but I also love sarcasm and wit. The Fault in Our Stars is so great because the characters just know their way with words. They are witty and intelligent sounding and I want to sound like them so badly... They also have this fire in them that may not be so apparent right away but it's there. I love when characters have fire in them, when they are able to get me so excited for them that I root for them and their happiness. I'm so contradictory because I like nice characters and I like rebellious characters. I mean who doesn't like Clay from Thirteen Reasons Why? And on the other hand all those bad boys (as long as they have some other quality other than being "bad") in books or maybe just misunderstood characters in general are wonderful too. It depends on the writing of those characters. It always has.


What books would you most likely receive as a gift?

This fluctuates from time to time so right now I really want The School for Good and Evil. I recently read the summary and a review of the book and I'm completely in love. I want the second book already too, I'm that excited!

Do you recognize yourself in any of these deadly sins of reading? 


  1. Hi Adriana, This is a fun post! I enjoyed reading your answers. I would say that I most identify with Greed- I love to find books for my "special" library- needless to say, I've spent some serious cash on a few rare Neil Gaiman books, which I prize! Thanks for sharing : ) ~ Jess

  2. I love all your answers! I have so many books that I haven't read out of laziness too. And I'm totally with you in wanting to read School for Good and Evil.

  3. What a great idea. I'm thinking about the most expensive book and I think it's Allegian (I preordered it) but still it's so expensive. Damn. Anyhow too bad I cannot talk much about books with my friends because they have never heard of 90% of the books I read. Also I need to get my hands on The School for Good and Evil. Since the trailer for that book I want it.

  4. I agree - there aren't any books that I talk about to sound intellectual. Unless anyone is happy to hear me reciting something I memorised in a textbook. ;) And I do understand what you mean about Markus Zusak, though for me, it was probably more just the fact that I was seriously heartbroken by the end. I loved the book overall.

    This is a cool feature! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. How fun! I enjoyed A Week in the Woods too (and so do my students). I think it is great to have a favorite familiar read. :) I love HP- but agree that most people aren't considering my conversations about it to be too intellectual.

  6. OMGosh 10 cents for a book. I need to come visit and you and you can take me to that bookstore. It sounds amazing with 10 cents. Here it's one dollar indie bookstores which I thought was cheap already! XD And character traits. You have all that is needed to be explained. Fiery/fire in them characters are amazing. I need to meet em characters. The cute characters. Wanna be friends with you characters. Marry you characters. >///3///< The shy characters omgosh LET ME LOVE YOU!!! <33 Haha but bad boys. Hahahahah....NOOOO. Get out of my face character/ kill you character. XD

    The School for Good and Evil!!!! I got it just last week when visiting the Middle Grade section (cause it's never to old to read MG books) and I was so excited and the cover is so much prettier in real life. And ahh I am just so happy to read it and you need to get it so once I actually get to reading it (staring/taunting me right now) and finish I am hoping I can talk to someone about it. Hopefully it's good cause it sounds good and it just needs to be good. XD

    P.S. I haven't watched School Rumble before! D: Man I need an anime that I can relate to you with! DX


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