Erasing Time by C.J. Hill

Erasing Time #1. Katherine Tegen Books (August 2012) Library
When twins Sheridan and Taylor wake up 400 years in the future, they find a changed world: domed cities, no animals, and a language that's so different, it barely sounds like English. And the worst news: They can't go back home.

The twenty-fifth-century government transported the girls to their city hoping to find a famous scientist to help perfect a devastating new weapon. The same government has implanted tracking devices in the citizens, limiting and examining everything they do. Taylor and Sheridan have to find a way out of the city before the government discovers their secrets. To complicate matters, the moblike Dakine has interest in getting hold of them too. The only way for the girls to elude their pursuers is to put their trust in Echo, a guy with secrets of his own. The trio must put their faith in the unknown to make a harrowing escape into the wilds beyond the city.                                                                                                                         

Full of adrenaline-injected chases and heartbreaking confessions, Erasing Time explores the strength of the bonds between twins, the risks and rewards of trust, and the hard road to finding the courage to fight for what you believe in.

Oh my goodness you guys! This book was awesome *sing song voice* I always know if I love a book before it ends when I start explaining what's happening in the story to my parents. When I do that it means I'm so excited about a book that I need to discuss it with anyone that's near me even if they read as little as 5 books a year (horrifying I know). I just can't help needing to spread my excitement over this book... and what a book it is.

So about 400 years into the future the government is looking for a guy named Tyler Sherwood. He's supposed to be this pretty important scientist that the scientists in the future want for a certain project. He also happens to be the guy who made a time machine! which is how twin sisters come into the mix. The time machine or time strainer brought two twin sisters into the future instead of the all important scientist. Their names are Sheridan and Taylor which kind of resembles the name Tyler Sherwood so you can guess why they were taken. 

There are two POV's in the story. One of them is one the twins - Sheridan. Sheridan has always lived in the shadow of her sister who is smarter, braver, prettier, and always gets the guy (hence her supposedly being prettier) while Sheridan is more reserved and quite. Also, while Taylor goes to college and knows everything about physics and science and all that "important" stuff Sheridan is still trudging around in High School like a normal teenager their age. She loves books so I love her. She establishes her love of books fast so I liked her from the first moments I met her. 

400 years into the future Sheridan is the brave one. She stands by her beliefs and doesn't care what people think. Sheridan was just plain awesome. She wasn't arrogant or whiny. She was stronger than she gave herself credit for. She is a good person (not saying that her sister wasn't) who's personality and attitude made it so that I enjoyed reading her story all the way until the end. She had realistic responses and she felt real - the way she was, the way she acted. She sometimes would look out a window and tune everyone out just thinking about her situation trying to wrap her head around what she was going to do. It sounds like something I would do. Sheridan is not only brave and the more grounded one out of the twins in the future she also gets the guy. 

Echo is our second POV. He's from the future and in the future people like to put symbols and color all over their faces, clothes, and hair. There is something you've got to know about Echo... he's totally crush worthy. He's always trying to help Sheridan and her sister.  He's so sweet to Sheridan. He just radiates adorableness... He used to be a partier and was basically like Sheridan's sister which is weird but now he's very serious ever since his brother's died. There's obviously something clearly not right about how his brother died. It all as to do with the Dakine, an evil group bent on getting back their freedom through force and of course it also has to do with a girl.

I loved that there was a debate on religion. Now don't look at me that way. It's not a big deal. It's just incorporated in there a little. It's actually pretty funny how it all turns out. It wasn't even really a "debate" it was Sheridan standing up for what she believed in and that was one of those things. I also loved the two major twists in the story. The first one I was a little surprised at but the second one... I keep on using mind blown to describe it. It completely threw me off guard. It was crazy to think about and wrap my head around. I kept on thinking - Wait. What just happened here!? This is... huh?... and more incoherent babbling. I'm probably not doing my reaction to the twists justice but believe me. It was AWESOME. 

Overall: This book was amazing! Sheridan was an easy character t like and so was Echo for that matter. I cared for both of them and wanted to see them happy. The government is crazy which I like in my futuristic books. How everything came together was just wonderful. I couldn't be happier with this book and I seriously wish I owned it - it's that good.

You can check out the trailer for Erasing Time here.

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  1. I'm SO glad you liked this book! I still haven't read it, but I love this author. I read Slayers, and loved that one. I'm going to see if I can snag Erasing Time from the library.

    1. Oh yes I just learned about Slayers while looking at her other books. I'm sure it's very different all since that one is about dragons. You won't regret reading Erasing Time!

  2. LOL You sound just like my mother. She loves reading historical fiction and I really avoid that genre but every time she is reading a book I've got a feeling like I'm reading it too. It's great but I get bored with all the drama. Anyhow I've heard of this one but haven't had a chance to read it. Great interview :)

  3. I'm not sure why I haven't heard much about this! It sounds fantastic, and exactly the sort of book I'd enjoy. I love the premise and can't wait to eventually give it a try. Lovely review, Adriana! :)

  4. This book sounds amazing. I just added it to my list! Tracking devices sound scary- as does life in the 25th century. Can't wait to read it! :)

  5. This book sounds very very intriguing. I haven't even heard of it before your review. I have added it to my TBR pile. Thanks for the review!

    Kay @ It's a Book Life


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