It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #16 + Extras

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So I am back!!! It's a miracle really. I'm sure you were wondering why I've been gone most of the time and why whenever I posted anything this month and last that it was a blog tour. You may have noticed that I signed up for a bunch of blog tours these past couple of months. That there is the problem of why I haven't been around for a long period of time. Too many blog tours... There's also the fact that the semester was winding down and I was stressing out in a big way. Essays, finals, just the coming of the end made me anxious. So now that it's summer (for four months I might add) I'm going back to basics. My posts will be more like that of my January posts with discussions interspersed throughout the month. I do have blog tours but not that many. After I'm done with these I don't know... Blog Tours will be rarer. Hope you all have been doing great and I look forward to getting back into the mix of things reading reviews, commenting, and discovering new books!

Summer Plans:

Before I get into anything of what I am reading this week I wanted to tell you all what's going on with me this summer. Other than swimming, going to the beach, reading, and other regular stuff I am getting into shape! The only reason I'm saying this is well I am excited. I've been eating better for a couple of days and today's the day I started to exercise (my thighs are killing me!!!) I'm using videos to exercise with. I might even do an inspiring tumblr for all things fitness to motivate me a little more. Tumblr really is a great source of inspiration. How I miss it... Speaking of tumblr you may have noticed my new template (hopefully it lasts long). It kind of reminds me of a tumblr blog which is what I like about it. It's cleaner and nice... I plan on updating my blog more this week especially my About Me page. I've been 19 for a while now but my blog doesn't agree. The other tabs need updating too.

So I do have plans for the blog and reading in general this summer. I have gone back to the schedule way of things like I had for January. I will edit where I need it. I plan on reading more for my challenges. I have so many plans... I am so excited to share the reviews and discussions I have planned! I am more excited about getting back to the basics and when I go to the library I actually browse through books. That's something I've been missing out for a while.

One of the regular things that I will be doing is watching t.v. I mention this because I'm sure you all know there has been announcements for the cast of the Maze Runner movie. I will be watching Thomas, played by Dylan O'Brien, in Teen Wolf. My thing about him is that he's just too funny to be Thomas. If you have seen Teen Wolf I'm sure you will agree. He's awesome but can he play a serious/tense role? What do you think? Check out the video below so you can see exactly what I mean.

Dylan O'Brien is Thomas in Maze Runner Movie!

What do you think? Is Dylan going to be a good Thomas?

Currently Reading:

"Nine years after Mibs's Savvy journey, her cousin Ledge has just turned thirteen . . . But Ledger Kale's savvy is a total dud-all he does is make little things fall apart. So his parents decide it's safe to head to Wyoming, where it's soon revealed that Ledge's savvy is much more powerful than anyone thought. Worse, his savvy disaster has an outside witness: Sarah Jane Cabot, reporter wannabe and daughter of the local banker. Just like that, Ledge's beloved normal life is over. Now he has to keep Sarah from turning family secrets into headlines, stop her father from foreclosing on Uncle Autry's ranch, and scumble his savvy into control so that, someday, he can go home.

Starring a cast both fresh and familiar, Scumble brilliantly melds Ingrid Law's signature heart and humor with the legendary Wild West." -Goodreads Summary

Scumble is the sequel to Savvy, a new favorite of mine. The first book was such a fantastic book. I recommend it to EVERYONE. I expect the second book to be just as great.

"More than frosting filled those cakes... Wilma Sue seems destined to go from one foster home to the next---until she is sent to live with sisters and missionaries, Ruth and Naomi. Do they really care about Wilma Sue, or are they just looking for a Cinderella-style farmhand to help raise chickens and bake cakes? As Wilma Sue adjusts to her new surroundings and helps deliver 'special' cakes, Wilma Sue realizes there's something strange going on. She starts looking for secret ingredients, and along the way she makes a new friend, Penny. When Penny and her mother hit a rough patch, Naomi decides to make her own version of cake---with disastrous results. Then tragedy strikes the chickens, and all fingers point to Wilma Sue---just when she was starting to believe she could at last find a permanent home with Ruth and Naomi. Will the sisters turn her out, or will she discover what it feels like to be truly loved?" -Goodreads Summary

Cake sounds like such a feel good book. Both these books are children's book which is the perfect way for me to start off Summer. 

Both of these will be featured this month but only one will contribute to a discussion and be reviewed this week. Can you guess which one?

What are you reading this week? 
I know it's not technically Summer but what do you have planned for Summer?


  1. I'm a new blog reader, but wanted to say I love your excitement for the upcoming months - getting into shape + reading and tv watching plans :-) I'm doing the same thing - maybe it's the arrival of the warm weather finally - but I feel so excited and can't wait for summer too.

    1. Thanks for the kind words (: The arrival of warm weather and Summer always gives me a sense of renewal like New Year's but better because it isn't freezing :P

  2. I've never seen Teen Wolf! Your clip made me laugh. I don't know if he would do well in a serious role or not. It's difficult to know for sure until it happens. Good luck with getting into shape! I'm trying to eat healthier too. I love your book choices! I'm excited to see what you think of them. I'm reading Three Times Lucky right now. It is SO adorable! You might like it.

    1. I really like Dylan so I am rooting for him. No matter what I don't see him in a flop type of movie. Yay! Everybody's getting in shape (:
      I've heard of Three Times Lucky. I'm pretty sure it's a trilogy and it's right up my alley. Would love to read what you think of it.

  3. Teen Wolf? Is that like the 80's Michael J Fox movie?

    We are heading into winter here, and it's already freezing. I plan on spending my winter eating comfort foods, lots of hot chocolate and plenty of reading.

    1. Nope. My brother assumed that too lol. It's a show on MTV that's actually good and should get even better now that... well don''t want to ruin anything.

      I miss hot chocolate and having a bonfire type thing in my backyard but heat is always better for me. Lots of people can't stand it but I love it. It's always the right season to do plenty of reading (;

  4. Scumble! Awesome. I loved Savvy! Enjoy.

  5. I must read The Maze Runner soon then! :) I can't wait for the summer as I also have plans to enjoy and read. Good luck with the work-out. I mostly run early in the morning and it feels really good. Try it few times and you'll enjoy it :)

    1. I've always wanted to be the type of person who runs in the morning. I might try it if I can get away with my mom not knowing. She will have a heart attack! (;


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