Book Blast: Fields of Elysium by A.B. Whelan

"How can love mend a heart full of hate?

Small town girl, Molly Bennett, moves to Los Angeles where she becomes an outsider while attending Beverly Hills High School. It seems life cannot be any more dreadful. Then one day after school, something magical happens. On a secluded hike in the Hollywood Hills, Molly chases her disobedient mutt and only friend into a hidden cavern. She stumbles upon a strange glimmering gateway that transports her to Arkana, a planet that is the cradle of an advanced human race. There, teenagers navigate amazing flying vehicles, compete in perilous games for glory, and possess supernatural powers. While Molly tries to wrap her mind around this unbelievable discovery, she meets the alluring and mysterious Victor Sorren. He is a Sentinel Apprentice, whose hatred toward people from Earth is beyond understanding. Yet every time Victor unpredictably saves Molly's life, his heart draws closer to hers, no matter how much he tries to fight against it. It further complicates things that their growing friendship is strictly forbidden. Earth people are prohibited in Arkana, yet Molly continues to cross through the portal to Arkana to see Victor. Torn between their double lives, they go down a dangerous path, from where there is no return and multiple endings."

Fields of Elysium is a suspenseful, romantic tale full of forbidden secrets, unimaginable danger, deception, and the never-ending fight for true love."

About the Author

A.B.Whelan is a Hungarian born, American writer. She currently lives with her husband and two children in Southern California.

While growing up in a wealthy Eastern European family, she had a chance to travel Europe. Later as an adult, she visited Africa and the Middle East and lived in Ecuador and in Crete.

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  1. Oh what a lovely cover! :) I haven't seen this book before but it looks so pretty. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  2. I haven't come across this before, but it sounds fantastic. I agree with Tanja, that cover is lovely! Thanks for sharing the trailer, too. I'll have to check this out on Goodreads. :)

    On a side note, I love the new layout! It's simple and clean and so very pretty! :)

    1. It sounds so interesting to me. I can;t wait to get started reading it soon.
      Thanks! You always notice (:
      Hopefully my ever changing mind want want to change it soon. So far I'm really liking it.

  3. I agree, this sounds really good so I'm glad I discovered it! I love romances like this too, the girl trying to reform the bad (somewhat) guy ;)

    1. And then he knows in his heart that she's the one for him? Yeah, this type of story should keep me happy.

  4. I love this cover and the book sound so interesting. I am definitely curious about this one! Thanks! :)

  5. Hm, this sounds really interesting, never heard of it before. I love that the butterflies on the cover are made of light =) so cute!

    1. They remind me of course of lightning bugs. It's a very hopeful kind of cover.


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