Characters that Inspire

There are character you love, characters you hate, characters that make you laugh until you cry, characters who you want throw a few punches at, characters who you swoon over, characters who completely change your lives. That last one is the one I want to talk about. The characters that change your life. The characters that inspire you to be better than you are. Here are some characters that inspire me:
D.J. from Dairy Queen

I've talked about this girl before as I have with all these other characters that have inspired me so for those of you who don't know who D.J. is she is the main character in Dairy Queen. She talks slow, is too big for guys to date, she's dedicated, and her family never talks about their issues. All that changes when she meets a guy. Don't think because this guy was so dreamy that it was his charms that convinced her to change her life. No. He actually insulted her which made her make the choice to go out for football. I am so utterly jealous of her ability to stand up for what she wants to do and be this crazy athletic girl. She may not have always been able to speak her mind but her actions speak louder than words.

D.J. Inspires me to: Be Who I Want to Be

“But you know, even worrying about haircuts couldn't depress me. Because every time I started sinking low, I'd just remember about football. All this time I'd thought I wanted to be a trainer, when it turned out I wanted to be a player instead. I saw something I wanted to do and I decided to do it. The feeling of freedom this gave me—I can't even describe it. It was my decision. I chose it. I am not a cow.”

                                               Charlie from A Little Wanting Song

Charlie is from A Little Wanting Song and she is very shy. She lives this double life. On the outside she just looks like this very introverted person who doesn't talk to anyone. On the inside she's this incredible singer just waiting to show herself to the world if only if she was able to let herself shine.

“You're always saying people don't like you but people can't like something that's not there.”

She's such an amazing person. In the end it's up to her to go for what she wants. Reach for the stars. In many ways she's a lot like D.J. They both have something to prove to others and themselves but they are both unique. I look up to D.J. in a way that does not only have to do with putting yourself out there but being someone I can see myself being. I will never be a singer like Charlie nor do I want to because it's just not me. I'm more of a stranger looking in to her triumphant moment. 

Charlie Inspires me to: Take Chances & Be Confident in Who I Am

“I'm sick of staring at what I want, I thought. I'd do anything to hold it in my hands.”

                  Doug from Okay for Now

Last but not least - Doug from Okay for Now. Doug is seen as a troublemaker because of the actions of his older brother but he's such the opposite of what people imagine him to be. Everyone doubts him even when he does nothing to sway their opinions in a negative way. He's a great person with odd interests in birds that leads him to art. He proves himself time and time again being nothing but the great person he is. He deserves to be judged by what he does and not who he is related to. 

Doug Inspires me to: Be a Better Person

“It means, Doug Swieteck, that in this class, you are not your brother.”

What characters have inspired you?


  1. Huh. I'm not sure who has inspired. There are characters that I love, but they're not necessarily inspiring. Elizabeth Bennet, maybe?

    On another note, I need to reread Dairy Queen.

    1. I don't know how you have read so many books that you reread all the time. You are very inspiring (;

  2. I fell in love with 'R', from Warm Bodies. Before I read it, I just assumed that he would be all about moaning and walking like a cardboard cutout shouting 'Braaaaaaains', but that isn't the case. It's not my typical read, but absolutely loved it.

    1. I only read some of that before I stopped. I think it was more because I was anticipating the movie and not reading the book more. Bet you are even more excited for the movie than I am (:

  3. I've never read any of these books. Looks like my TBR list just got a little longer. :) Did you redesign your blog? It looks super cute.

  4. What a fascinating list of characters! I remember how much you loved DJ. I still need to read that book! :)

  5. Oh I can't believe I haven't met any of these characters! Shame on me!! I like Tris form Divergent series! :)

  6. Okay, so I haven't read any of these books yet and been introduced to these wonderful characters, but I really want to now! Actually, I'm only sort of familiar with Dairy Queen; the other two books are new to me. But even without having read them, I know from your descriptions of the characters that your reasonings for loving them would be mine, as well. I know I also really love characters who have the courage to be themselves and take risks (things that I struggle with in real life). I definitely aspire to be more like them!

    The one character that came to mind immediately after reading your question is Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I would say he inspires me to be a better person! He is so, so thoughtful and such a good friend.

    Really, REALLY loved this post! Seriously well done! And thank you for your kind words on my blog earlier!

    1. I struggle with the same thing. Even starting conversations with other people has been a foreign concept until recently. I'm a little better with that but with other aspects of life it's hard.
      I need to read that book! I expect Charlie to be a kind person. He just looks it in the movie. A shy and nice guy.
      Ahhh!!!! Thanks, that means more than you can know :D
      Your writing is fantastic I hope you always know that.


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