In Other News: Another Challenge...

I love how I am committing to all these challenges but did horrible for 2012's challenges. I am keeping track in a page which I will post up soon plus in a group on Goodreads. This one is perfect because all you have to do is read whatever you like plus you can win prizes for the best participants in each quarter. Guess who will definitely be on the top of that list. Well, hopefully because those other people can be reading 50 books a month for all I know. So without further ado the challenge:

Hosted by: Kimberly's Bookshelf
Latte: 75 books
Cappuccino: 100 books
Double Espresso: 150+ books

I will be going for the Cappuccino Level.

There will be a new post each month with a linky for reviews. Quarterly reader gifts! goes to the top three participants. Also, at the end of the challenge there will be a special bonus for the top three overall participants. All the other basic rules apply. Any format, it's year round, and it can cross-over with other challenges.

Problem: The only problem is that all my reviews for January will be books that I have read in 2012 so I will have to wait till February to start linking up reviews. This also means I need to catch up with my reviews and reading so I don't miss out so count on a major overload of reviews in February and March. I need to plan this out... This will be a challenge (horrible pun intended).


  1. Hi Adriana,
    Thank you so much for joining the challenge and I look forward to reading your reviews! Good luck and Happy Reading!

  2. I like the idea of this! :) I could join, maybe! :) I wish you all the luck and you can read more than 100 books ;)

    1. I hope I can. Prizes for reading? I'd say it's worth it.

  3. Sounds like an interesting challenge! Good luck!


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