Haunted Week: Ghost of Books Half-Read

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This is a tough one for me since I do finish most books I've read. I would finish slightly less if teachers wouldn't have forced me to read certain books that I didn't like.

I had to read this in freshmen year of high school. We stopped but what we did read (we read aloud) destroyed my sanity. How much I did not care about this book was incredible. The book might have been better if we read it on our own or maybe if I wanted to actually read it I would have tried to get past the flaws but I really don't know. I don't plan on reading this book again anytime soon even if it's a classic beloved by all. Beloved by all minus one.

I don't know if it was because I was sick or not (feverish, stomach killing me) but this book dragged on way too much which is too bad because this is one of the rare books that I bought. The cover is so inviting and the plot sounds so amazing but the places the Somerset Sisters go to... it's just too much. I will try this again probably next year because I did buy it so I might as well read it.

This is the first ever zombie book I attempted to read and boy did it give me a bad taste for zombie books. The beginning has such a slow buildup. It was like pulling teeth. Maybe I should have started with a YA zombie book because this book really made me not want to read any more books about zombies. Only now is when I really want to read one because of Alice in Zombieland which will hopefully change my view point especially since I should read zombie books because I love The Walking Dead so much.

I remember reading some pages of this book before. I don't know if I wasn't in the mood for it but it felt to me the book wasn't going to be any good. I also kind of feel like I finished it but don't remember which I highly doubt happened. If I did read it I must have not liked the book anyways. I remember not liking the main character on the cover. I don't know. My memory is foggy. I might have to give it another chance because of that.

I was really excited to read this book and it was doing well for me for a while until I found out the author had a nice amount of money. I know we can all improve but it just didn't sit right with me. I'll have to give it another chance because a) I bought it and b) I am getting over the fact that she has a lot of money. It doesn't seem right to me to base the book on whether or not the author is rich or not. It's her point of view and maybe she could give me a few pointers after all.


  1. I read To Kill a Mockingbird back in middle school and have been thinking or rereading it. If I do- I will let you know if you should give it another try. :)

    The only other book I have read on your list is The Mixed-Up Files. I read it as a student and when I first started teaching it was a book we had to read with our class. Although it was a little old fashioned my students liked it. I think they liked the idea of running away and living in a museum. Claudia is certainly a character that you will feel strongly about. I know there is a movie, too- but I remember it being different from the book.

    Thanks for sharing your list. My list is pretty short. Moby Dick is one that I have tried to finish and it just wasn't possible. Like you, I tend to finish most of my books. :)

    1. Thanks, I would like to know what you think after all these years.

      I know about the movie too. Good thing I didn't try it first because it would give me a different impression of the book. If your students liked it then I should really try it (:

      Moby Dick! I read the first famous line and said "Nope" and closed the book.

  2. I know what you mean when we are forced to read books that we just can't seem to love, that book for me was Momo by Michael Ende, God I hated that book it was dull and lifeless for me and at the end of the book I discover that the "author" didn't even wrote it, cheated is to little of a word.
    But there are some books that where worth reading, the second book on the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The moment I open the book there was this mutual dislike, and it doesn't matter how much I love the series that book and I just can't seem to get along >.<
    I hope your reading adventures get filled with books you love and with as little as possible with books you cannot finish ;)
    Lil Berry @ Forget About TV, Grab a Book

    1. Never heard of it. I looked up Momo and it sounds intriguing but now I know it's lying to me :P
      I actually don't particularly like the sixth one. I think I know why too. It's the stage in Harry's and the others life where everything is wrapping up. Their lives are becoming more real and their story is being set up to end.

  3. Eww, actually I don't want to read anything about zombies... But I've heard so much good about Alice, and I love Gena Showalter's books, so... maybe... :)
    Here is my first Haunted Week post.

    1. Haha! Zombie aren't very eww to me. There more Run For Your Lives! It's more scary then gross is what I'm saying O_0

  4. I don't have a very long unfinished book list, but there are a couple on there. I couldn't finish The Fire, by James Patterson. It was the 3rd book in the series, and I only made it a couple of chapters in before I was bored with the same things happening over and over again.

    The other one that I just couldn't finish was Rapture, by Lauren Kate. I really enjoyed Fallen, but it was the same thing with The Fire. It was the last book in the series and it just fell flat.

    1. Don't tell me that! I'm reading that series. I'm about to start the second book to. I hope it doesn't come to that but I could see that happening with my other book club members :/

      I've heard that before about that Lauren Kate book or it might be another one that people don't like... I never was swayed by the cover so I dodged that bullet.


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