Haunted Week: Back From the Grave & It Came From the Web

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For this portion of Haunted Week I get to show you some of my favorite books as a kid.

The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket were a constant companion for me. I actually started with the 4th book: The Miserable Mill. I remember getting it too and what shelf it was on. It's weird that I do. The series got a bit too long when I got to the seventh book but I still loved the series. It ended mysteriously to me but nevertheless I was happy with the series.
Hatchet was one of the books that propelled me to love nature books. It also got me into survival books which might be why I like dystopian's so much. I saw Brian as a dedicated survivor who could do anything he wanted if he tried. He beat the odds. I remember the cereal box report I did on this book. Also, how I drew the cover of this book for that project. I have a bunch of the continued series but have only read the second one. It doesn't feel the same as the original great book.
This was the greatest book possible for me to read in fourth grade. It's hilarious and an amazing book! Oh what Fudge gets himself in. I always sympathized with the older brother even if I'm the youngest in my family. No one considered him and his feelings. He and Fudge were the perfect characters.
Another nature book that swept me up was My Side of the Mountain. I don't see everyone liking it because it's more informational if that makes sense... like he described ways of doing things mostly throughout the book. Like if you were to do it this is how you would do it. It's not your average read but I still admired the main character. I also remember getting this book and from a specific shelf. I don't know why books do that for me but they just do. This was a great adventure book/survival book. Making it on your own books seems to be something I like in books.
I was absolutely in love with The Zack Files when I was a kid. These sci-fi books were the world to me. One day I'm just going to buy them all and it's going to be the greatest day when they arrive. How is it that my library doesn't have these books? They are pure genius. Perfect for any kid and it should be loved by all.

{This Girl Reads}

I come across many great blogs and recently I've discovered:

Books for Kids is a book review blog including news for e-books and book apps. As you can tell by the name it's all about kid's books mainly picture books which when you are used to reading YA blog posts is a nice change. I adore picture books so this blog helps give me a nice dose of artful illustrations and simple, loving stories.

The Story Queen is a YA review blog I discovered a couple of weeks ago. I appreciate Sonia's blogger picture of Hufflepuff: No One Ever Suspects The Hufflepuff. I'm one of those people who have done a bunch of Harry Potter quizzes to see where I would be and it comes out Hufflepuff every time. I've grown to love being a Hufflepuff... Anyways there's always a great review up which tells me exactly what I need to know on whether to read a book or not. Always with a great cover and I love the crown ratings!

Vegan YA Nerds is another one of my indulgent YA review blogs that I recently discovered. Books are always featured with a cute cat next to it in a picture. Although they are Australian which mean most books aren't in the U.S. yet I do love to read about new YA Australian books coming out that are all seem to be very good by the way. As well as the entertaining way in which the reviews are written.

With a blog name like Recovering Potter Addict you know that this YA blog is going to be good. Always having insightful and sincere reviews this blog is always interesting. All three YA blogs that I've mentioned mirror each other in that they are fun to read and I look forward to all my new blogs posts.

I don't know how in the world Ruby Ham did this monster for her Feed Me Books Now!!! but I want it! Besides the great graphics I enjoy the reviews that can sometimes be as eclectic as mine with the different age groups she sometimes reads and reviews.


  1. I remember The Series of Unfortunate Events! They were literally the only books I would read when I was seven... Apart from Harry Potter, which I never stopped re-reading :P

    1. I think I only read A Series of Unfortunate Events and no other books while I was into them in the beginning. I never read HP when I was little. I read it late. Right before the sixth movie came out I read all of them. I refused to read them before and it worked out for me. I didn't have to wait for the next book!

  2. The Series of Unfortunte Events books and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing were some of my favorites too, and I probably listened to the latter on audiobook about 20 times. I felt so bad for the older brother as well; he seemed so overlooked:(

    1. Audiobook! It's a kid's book though. I would think to do that with longer reads. I can only imagine his voice in my head a certain way but if you started out with the audiobook I get that. I have a couple of the continuing series... well maybe just one but haven't read it yet.


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