The Sheol by Mia Hoddell

Title: The Sheol
Author: Mia Hoddell
Trilogy: Book #1 (The Wanderer Trilogy)
Format: Mobi
Published: April 2012
Publisher: Mia Hoddell via Smashwords
Pages: 120
Source: Author

Kala just came away from killing her now ex-fiancee after she was ordered to. He was already going to die her boss rationalized. Why let him suffer? Kala, a trained killer, has reached her breaking point. She's had to be with The Company since she was 4 years old after her parents left her in the snow. She's been okay up till now but after she murdered her own fiancee she needs to run away. But how?

Chris was murdered by his fiancee who he loved dearly. Now he has this rage built up inside him that makes him want to kill her but there's also this sadness he feels when he sees her so unlike herself. She's finally able to show some emotion. He wants her out of The Company and will try anything to help her. However, whenever he reveals himself to her she has this horrified look at what he has become. Only with each other can they find a way out of their dire situations but at what cost?

My Review:
Coming into this book I really only thought it was about this assassin girl and had no idea about the supernatural aspect of the book which caught me off guard in a good way. The book is told through Kala's POV and then at the same time what Chris felt or thought when he saw her. He also was in The Pastures where I thought was like heaven but I was oh so wrong. It's an after-life but not a very good one. So he talks about his POV there too.

Things get crazy with Chris. By just touching you he can cut you so in a matter of minutes this invisible person can kill you. Then there's the whole thing with The Sheol. What I came out thinking what it was is that it's the darkness inside of you. The Company are the bad guys and are run by The Sheol. Kala doesn't know this, she just reports to this dark "father figure" that I doubt I'm pronouncing his name right - Nachtmahr. Sounds like he's a scary Russian. He is at least scary with his evil grins. Kala is too afraid to stand up to him because she knows that means certain death for her. This killer wasn't being very proactive in saving her own skin right about now.

At times I just got furious at Kala. She just kept on killing people! STOP THAT! For no reason she killed this one guy. She may have had a reason but she didn't have enough evidence. It was messed up. Otherwise I liked her badass character. She could be very scary in her own way when she wanted to and very vulnerable too. As you may have guessed I like the cover but I love the second cover showcased below. I didn't think it could get any better! Although it does look like she has no shirt on in both...

Kala was usually running away but she took control when she needed to. She did rely on Chris for a couple of things which I thought was just plain wrong. She did think a lot of what a horrible person she is and how could she ask him to do anything for her so I guess she makes up for it. I kind of felt bad for her but she had this very...not really cold... but something along those lines demeanor. She was shocked a lot to see Chris appear to her but I would be freaking out way more than her. She did freak out a lot but I am way too easily terrified especially if I saw my ex-fiancee who was supposed to be dead!

I really felt awful about Chris. He never did anything wrong and now he's stuck forever. He feels some sympathy towards Kala because hey, he did love her right? When he felt like killing her I couldn't get mad at him because it is what she deserves. She should have helped him out. Now he's this sad glowing ghost person who's conflicted on how he feels about his once love. When he does get crazy I absolutely love it. The supernatural part to the story gave me a unique spin on a story that I thought I knew before I read it. That goes to show you never to assume. I'm always falling for that.

It'll be great to see what the author does in the next book: The Flawless. The Flawless are the good guys by the way but I don't see them acting so good... I was really impressed with this book and in the short amount of pages it was able to make me feel that way which is great. I'd seriously try to check this book out if you like the supernatural/action types of books. Thanks to the author for letting me read the book.

About the Author:
"I'm a new author living in the UK. I spend most of my time writing but when I am not doing that I'm stuck in my own world creating new stories (which I must admit seems better than staying in the real world). I love reading and enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book and getting lost in the story for an hour or more..." -Author Bio on Goodreads

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The second book in The Wanderer Trilogy: The Flawless
Summary - Don't look if you haven't read the first book and don't want to get anything ruined!

"A battle is going to a arise soon; The Sheol and The Flawless will come together but only one can survive to continue their manipulation of humankind. The Wanderers have to decide whether to summon the courage to fight so they can save themselves from eternal unrest or whether they like being lost, immortal souls. Nachtmahr is upgrading his Sturmmen to create more ruthless and efficient killers due to interference from The Sheol, while Kala is becoming darker; her rage consuming her as she strives to fulfill her own personal mission...Kill Nachtmahr." -Goodreads Summary


  1. This is my first time hearing of this series! It certainly sounds action packed! Great review!


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