Discussion: Chapters: 10-17 of Golden Compass #HDMReadalong

It's the second discussion day for the His Dark Materials Readalong. This week the questions were made by  The Daily Bookmark. Remember if you haven't read The Golden Compass tread lightly when reading this post because you might get some spoilers!

Question: We have met a large cast of characters now, many with names I find difficult to pronounce! There are people that have come into Lyra's life for good, some for bad, some with motives yet to be determined. Of all the characters, who's your favorite and why?

Answer: Sheesh... there are a couple of characters I like. I, like you, sometimes prefer the villains so I do really like Mrs. Coulter and her role in the story. I find it troublesome how she hasn't told her she's her mother yet. I expected it to happen already like in the movie but now I'm starting to wonder if she will ever tell her herself... She doesn't seem as concerned with her well being even though she helped her out in the end. I just don't feel any sympathy with her if she doesn't for her own daughter. Pan is the obvious choice. But I rather enjoyed him in the movie and not only that but in Part 1. Maybe it's just me but I hardly hear him talk and that's a shame. Ultimately I go with who I usually go with and that is the main character, Lyra. Since we spend more time with main characters that's who I usually like the most unless there is a supporting person who out shines them in my eyes. Lyra because she's got fire in her. I love when I read about a girl who's not afraid to stand up for what's right. She's a kid but she just goes for it. Need to save some kids from being left without a daemon? Lyra will go. Need to go up against a huge bear? Lyra will do it. Find's out her mother is evil and has the guts to leave? That'll be Lyra for you.

Question: One of the bigger topics for debate revolve around Lyra and her likability. Do you like her? What are your opinions of her, her character and her actions? (Bonus: Based on this opinion, what do you think Pantalaimon will settle as?)

Answer: Well if she's my favorite character so I would say that I do like her. I will comment on how you didn't like her. She acts tough. That's just her nature and even if she does she is still a kid. I don't find her antics annoying myself but I guess I can see your point of view. I would have never thought of Pan not settling. You've got my mind reeling. I would have thought Pan would settle as a tiger, leopard, or some sort of big cat.

Question: Have read two thirds of the book now, what has been your favorite scene and why? Keep in mind that Part II ends with the children escaping The Station in Bolvanger and the battle that ensues between the Gyptians and the Tartars/Gobblers.

Answer: I think the most dramatic scene is my most favorite. It's to me when she's just about to be cut but her mother stops it. It's the only time I see some sort of concern for her daughter. Unfortunately she just thinks about the alethiometer when she wakes up which just makes me sad. Adults just simply suck sometimes in books.

Question: (Optional) In Part II, Lyra befriends Jerry, a seaman who explains that one's daemon settles into a shape/form once the human's personality is determined and settles - a loyal and trustworthy person, for example with a labrador retriever daemon. Take a look at yourself, your personality and describe what you might think your daemon's final form would be. Is this the same/similar or different from what you chose in Part 1? 

Answer: I actually put what I would like to be in the last discussion part. I am shy but I'm not terribly so so I wouldn't say turtle. I'd probably end up being a small furry animal. I am a bit of a worrier but I could be worse. So maybe a nervous or jumpy animal like a rabbit... I am not up all night but for the sake of picking something I think I will go with a hedgehog. They have things that protect themselves and I'm a bit protective of myself. I probably will never figure out a good one but a hedgehog is as close as I will get plus it's cute as can be!


  1. I loved this series:) The movie didn't do it justice! Thanks for stopping by:)
    Andrea Heltsley Books

    1. That's the second time someone's said that. I guess it's because I saw the movie first but I really liked the movie. No problem (:


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