30 Day Book Challenge- Day 2

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2- Least Favorite Books of All Time
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 Anthem by Ayn Rand
You are supposed to be controversial. Why didn't you write a book where a woman is not lower than a man?
77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz
So slow... So many characters...
Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
All I could think about was what a jerk the main character is.
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
They only thought about sex. It was a waste of a good plot.

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
I had to stop here because Nora was getting way too whiny and the bad boy act wasn't doing anything for me anymore.
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
Just way too depressing and creepy even if I was in tenth grade.


  1. These challenges are awesome. I loved Perfect Chemistry and Crescendo, hehe:) I'm working on my post right now, thinking of my least favorite books...

    1. Thanks so much! Will visit :D
      Sorry but those books weren't so great -__-

  2. You are a kind-hearted lovable soul, and I totally love you for saying you love my blog, but really?!!!!!!!! In pure friendship, I request a duel for one book that I am extremely against you saying you dislike, which is "Anthem". Ayn Rand is the most 'different' author (if you will) that I have ever come across. I do not believe it when you dislike her book so much that you might just say it publicly. You must see, she was a woman herself, and she had such a unique perspective that she was able to bring up a classic such as her several novels. She did not show it saying women are overtaken! She was such a brilliant one herself. The way she produced women out of that, was as being lovable and valuable companions, and equally as brave because she decided to run away and risk seeing him. Really, show me what you mean, I am curious. And do not worry, I mean this all like a friend! So let us begin the discussion.

    1. lol. Let the duel begin then. I admit I've only read one of her books and it was Anthem. I was deeply disheartened by it that I couldn't possibly read any of her other books. As I recall the book stars a man which is fine with me. He ends up falling in love with this girl and I get that it's supposed to be this quiet love but as a woman herself Rand cannot possibly think that other women would enjoy a story about a woman following a man to the ends of the earth. It's all sweet if you think about it but if that woman walks behind him like a dog and won't voice her own opinions then it ends up being a set back in how girls can look at themselves. I'm not as eloquent you but you get the idea (:

    2. But they understand each other! Do you not understand?! She did not voice her opinion because she has the same opinion as the guy! You state your opinion when you have some sort of controversy over what the latter person is saying. But in this case, she agreed with him, so she felt no reason to speak (unless you could give me a quote). She WANTS to go with him. What is the point of telling him something when it is the same thing as what he has said. Being so strictly controlled, she has gotten used to thinking before she speaks, therefore she most probably found no valid reason to speak if she agrees with the opinion. I can validate she agrees because she WENT with him. She does get an opinion. She could have reported him, but she did not, she did not have to speak, "actions speak louder than words", which is something Rand knew quite about by the looks of her writing.

    3. Excellent point. Actions do speak louder than words but if Rand wanted to create something truly controversial she would have put words in her mouth to show that she wasn't merely just following him around. She wasn't merely this mindless person who could only register that her man was leaving so she had to follow him. She may have agreed with him but by not showing it through words it can easily remind you of the days where women had to do whatever men wanted and couldn't get substantial jobs because they were a woman and they had to stay home and all that is fine for some women but it's about the choice. She clearly made her choice but if I want to identify with this author and her writing as a woman I want to see a strong female role along with a male role. Them working together and sharing their ideas together to better their life and what they want to do with their life.

    4. lol, I really liked the Perfect Chemistry series x) Oh well, we're all different :)

      Agree on Crescendo, I also stopped reading the series, it just got so... bleh :/

    5. I have only read The Kite Runner off of your list, and I liked it. But- the main character is difficult to like for sure. I have not read anything by Rand that I have enjoyed- so I won't be reading the one you mentioned. The book that comes to mind for me when I think of books I did not like- Moby Dick. I have tried to get through it 3 different times. I just can't...

  3. @Jude- It's too bad about the Hush, Hush series. At least I really got into this angel series: Unearthly. It's fantastico!

    @DMS- So you have read Rand but you haven't read anything you liked by her... interesting. :D
    I read the first sentence and I was like no. *closes book*


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