2012 Book Blogger Appreciation Week- Monday

It's book blogger appreciation week! I didn't get to participate in the last one because well I didn't have a blog yet. There are no awards this year but I'll be discussing with you guys today some of the great blogs I've come across that I check daily.

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21 pages has to be the first book blog I think I ever came across and if not it's the one I stuck with. She blogs about YA books and I actually have read a couple of books because she liked them so much. She also has taken to writing about reading in general and what it means to be a reader for her. She hasn't posted in a little while but I blame that on school... Anyways it doesn't stop me from checking her site all the time!

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I've been going to check out reviews for kids lit from Waking Brain Cells for years! It's unbelievable how many books I found through Tasha especially of how many diverse books she shows you. She also has a smattering of YA in there and I get all the news on award finalists and winners. She reviews just like me only I review Adult books too. This might be my top favorite site for all things kids lit.

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Jules works at Kirkus Reviews and that gives her chance to discover all these wonderful books primarily picture books. There is always interviews to be read and what I love most about this blog is the illustrations. She gets to meet all these children's illustrators and she shows us their work. I can spend awhile on there just looking through illustrations.

An illustration found on DMS

DMS is hosted by two book blogging author's and they have a  book out! This is where I want to go to shake up my book blog reading routine. They post riddles on Monday's which will eventually be revealed to what the theme of the week is. There's a review and interview after that! They review children's books (Yes, I read a lot of children's books) and always have some new riddle to add each week that I can never get! They just interviewed Elise Broach which I was giddy to read about here.

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Oh man what can I say about Christina? I come to her blog for her her witty remarks. Her reviews are long and plentiful and I just love that. She reviews YA all the time but recently got into doing reviews for picture books. She does this Cover Snark post every once in a while and I love reading her side notes on the covers she puts up. She's just fantastic and I wish I could find more reviewers like her.

There are so many bloggers out there especially ones that I just met. How I envy their blogs and posts. All you bloggers out there are awesome and I couldn't be more happier to find you. It's just so great to have people like you who actually like reading and I get to discover new books with you. It's almost been w year and I am so happy that I started this blog and discovered so many great blogs out there. There will be some more posts about blogger appreciation week that I hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Awwww! Thanks so much for mentioning our blog along with the other amazing blogs on your list. We always love to hear your comments and we both enjoy visiting your blog and reading your reviews. So glad we can talk books together. :)
    ~Jess and Stephanie

    1. No problem and I love talking books with you girls too :D

  2. Oh I missed this week!
    Very cool post!
    New GFC follower, follow me back? :)
    That Readioactive Book Blog


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