Tune: Vanishing Point by Derek Kirk Kim

November 13th 2012
Andy Go is an Art Major. He could be best described as a nerd in college. I can also describe him as ridiculously similar to my brother and his friends but you don't know them now do you? So basically the illustrator guys and one girl who like comics and know almost everything about them. They are super smart usually but can be super lazy. They go to Comic Cons and aspire to be one of the greats or maybe not. Not all nerds can draw. They can also be inappropriate like these guys and one girl can be so you are warned. Think college.

The comic all starts out with Andy discovering himself with all his clothes on even his shoes which is weird for him because he is a perpetual neat freak. Also lights are on oddly then as he's using the bathroom he discovers... yes my friends there is an audience watching him relieve himself. How did he get to this point? You'll find out later by going back 5 months ago and meeting all his friends as well hearing him saying the stupidest thing that he will later fully regret.

He's been friends with Roger since grade school wasting their days drawing comics. Specifically He-Man comics. More specifically She-Ra. Even more specifically She-Ra's breasts. Expect this and more. His other friend Tony he met in anatomy class freshmen year and knew they would be friends when he was reciting things to remember for the first test in Klingon. My brother doesn't know Klingon and I really hope it stays that way. At least I really really hope he doesn't. These guys were fun to watch together and hope for more funny interactions.

I said one girl on purpose. Then there is Yumi who Andy has been hopelessly in love with since the day they met two years ago. Out come the hearts around him when she's thinking about how much she loves him. It's quite adorable. But like any other socially awkward person he has said nothing. Ah, now he sounds more like me. She has his sense of humor and are always kidding around plus she's a great artist. I can see how he would think she would reject him... No! He's a funny and charming character. I absolutely love him. I say that a lot about fictional character don't I? Well, it's true.

Back to the part where he makes the stupidest mistake that he will woefully regret later. That is he decides that he's not going to go to one more year of college. He's going to drop out. Cue disapproving noise whatever you want to imagine that noise be. Not surprisingly he's at home months later where he's living with his parents and has no job. He's Korean which I love because go diversity! According to him a Korean mother crying sound like a (to me) cartoon making a sound because they see someone hot. There crying is an ai-goo! Maybe I'm thinking Aiooga! Enough with the noises... Anyways his parents are making him get a job any job. His desperate attempt not to be kicked out gets him in the worst trouble there is. Or is it? It depends on you I guess. With that you are brought to the present tense and you will now know what he's gotten himself into.

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So this comic was amazing. It was kind of destined to be when it was about a Korean Art Major Nerd. Kim seriously must like Gene Luen Yang because Andy (I think Andy) is wearing a shirt of the monkey in American Born Chinese. But here's the problem.... Kim decides to end it at the worst possible time for me. A great cliffhanger is at the end and it killed me. I hated Kim for a while there because a book takes like a year to publish and this cliffhanger was just... EVIL!!!! But then I find that he posts all the chapters online and probably has two more books up there. Now why do people who write comics/graphic novels do that? Friends with Boys was like that but I see now why they do that. I actually want to buy Friends with Boys and Tune even after I know I can read it online. Oh they are such sly dogs they are. The books are so good you want them in your possession! Even if they put it up it's not enough. Authors are so evil. I've said it time and again because look! It's true. So I'll post the link so you can read the chapters. It starts from the new pages. I ended up in a very awkward page myself. You can go to the beginning easily. http://www.tunecomic.com Get ready to have an overwhelming need to buy this book. Also, his other book Same Difference looks pretty awesome too. And finally Kim's got probably the greatest middle name ever.


  1. I have never heard of this book- but it does sound fun. I like that the story is so entertaining and that the characters reminded you of people that you know. How cool that you can read the chapters online- and then get your own copy when it is available. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. No problem. I love that I'm reading comics. They are so much fun and different from what I normally read.


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