Background Change!

As I'm sure you've noticed the blog looks all new and shiny. I don't have the side bar which is unfortunate but it's better for me because everything is less cluttered. I easily get bored so that's why I've changed my background/template thingy like fifty million times. So with this new simpler background I hope to keep everything the same for awhile. I'm not allowed to change the background at least until January and if I do I give you my permission to yell at me until I change it back.

I'm planning to put up an About Me and Contact up already which I should have done from the beginning but I've been slow to figure things out. Really slow. I know there is a weekly meme where you tell what you are currently reading so that's where I will probably show you guys what I'm reading for the week. Things are likely to change. I might do less or completely different books because well... there are sometimes I have the urge to read this one book and can't help myself.  I'm also thinking of having a post about new books I discover on Goodreads, other blogs, or by accident. I like when I have a lot of book covers on here because it just looks aesthetically better plus I think you'll enjoy it as much as I do. At least I hope.

I'm still doing the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday posts. I will try to keep those as my minimum and as you've noticed they might come late at night but at least it gets posted right? If I have time I'll post reviews on other days. The weekend is a time for me to maybe if I don't have a lot of homework to add extra posts. It took me 8 hours this weekend to read a chapter, write down notes, and take a quiz online so maybe not too much time but some. Hope you guys enjoy the new look. Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated.


  1. The blog looks great! I was so surprised when I first came I had to check that I was in the right place. :) I think it is great if you post whenever you have time. It is understandable that you are busy at school. I stop by to look for your posts and am happy to find them- whatever the time they got posted. Have a great week at school!

    1. lol. I'm glad you like it.
      I couldn't go to school today because of Isaac but I'll be going the rest of the week. Thanks for the warm wishes (:

  2. Hello! Lol I was like you, I used to change my template every week haha and now I'm trying to control myself, but it is fun to change u_u". Your blog is quite simple now, but I still prefer blogs with backgrounds and headers, but if you like like that, it is fine :D

    1. Nice to know I'm not alone. I don't know really how to add a header or anything but eventually I will decide on something.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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