The Glimpse by Claire Merle

Release Date: June 7th 2012
Ana is Pure or she thought she was until she ordered the death certificate of her mother thinking her father was covering something up. Now she knows he covered it up for her own benefit because her mother was depressed. She had to be if she died from exhaust fumes. So her father, a powerful person who first developed the Pure tests, must have changed her test to make her look Pure right? Well two years later her father got off the charges, she is considered a Sleeper which means her disease might become active, and she's facing the potential of Jasper accepting her to be joined (married) with her but if not she will be sent to live with the Crazies.

I think I need to clarify some things first. In the time it's about thirty years from now. The people who have parents or ancestors with depression, anger problems, etc are called Crazies. The people who don't have those genes are Pure so they are joined with other Pure people to preserve the race. Towards the end you will fully realize that the government, unsurprisingly, is crazy. Well at least the psychiatrists are. You will get very angry at them as well as Ana's father who I wish to crush into a million pieces. He's the worst father and husband. He believes his own crap when he knows it's not true. Or maybe he doesn't know and he just goes with it all to keep his daughter's best interests at heart. Ugh. "Best interests at heart" usually means they are being controlling and manipulative.

Jasper is actually a pretty nice guy but he knows something that can get him in real big trouble. He thinks it's why his brother was killed. They didn't really say he was killed but that he fell off a cliff and really is that believable to you? Governments are always evil in the future. I don't know how Ana didn't get this right away. I guess she never grew up with dystopian books or action films like the rest of us.

Jasper mysteriously disappears after he tells her she's in trouble. Worried for him she does the unthinkable and goes to search for him in the most dangerous place of all. She learns things that will change her way of life an thinking forever. There's this family that helps her out. Lila she meets first. By the description you may think she's a Goth because she wears all black and her eye makeup according to Ana looks like a mask. She's actually very sweet and has Ana's back. Lila is her first connection to this mysterious person who can lead her to Jasper's whereabouts and what is really going on in the world.

So I loved this book. I pick the best books don't I? I usually love my books. With this book I was completely mesmerized and wondering how things were going to turn out. I read this book straight through. Five hours of epicness. I'm wondering how this book isn't the talk of he town. Goodreads should have a ridiculous amount of ratings and reviews but there's not nearly as much as there should be. It did just come out in June but when a book is good everyone knows it. I thought things were going to end so differently. Merle through me for a loop. Series books or sequels and such usually end with a just a horrible pain in your chest because the cliffhanger was like WHAT THE!!!! It will continue and I hope I find out soon what it's called and what the date is. I'm sure it'll be in a year and that always ruins me. *sigh* But the end was really... hopeful and happy. I loved it. Finally! A series or whatever that doesn't completely haunt my dreams! And the author I must say... where have you been? This is your first book. Dude. I could have read this and more by now. I'm just saying. I'm expecting a lot of great things to come with Claire Merle. I'm excited!


  1. You're not the only one who loves this book. I have read other raves too.

    I'm following you from Goodreads, care to follow me?


  2. Followed you on your blog via e-mail.
    I don't know how to find you on Goodreads.
    Thanks for stopping by (:

  3. What a fantastic cover! I definitely want to read this one after reading your review. Glad it was such a great read! It sounds like something I will love. Thanks for sharing!


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