Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Six years ago Grace was taken by hungry wolves into the woods behind her house. She did nothing and remembers only the yellow eyes of a wolf that saved her. Since then she has had an obsession with the wolves. Whether or not she likes to call it an obsession. She always looks out for her wolf. It's like he's waiting for her.

Sam is a wolf when it turns cold. When it's hot and Summer he is able to be human. He's been watching Grace all these years. Now this is the one part of the book that I can't shake. Grace loves Sam the wolf. Then he becomes human and she loves him even more. They become a couple. Dude, that's weird... How do you not just stop and look at yourself in the mirror. You're in love with a wolf. I could understand if you loved him as a human first and then found out he turned into a wolf. It's kind of creepy...

Other than that the book proved to be an entertaining read. I've never exclusively read a book about a wolf/werewolves so I was excited about this book. I've always loved wolves since maybe.. I don't know? When I read fairy tales, fairy tale retellings, or Growing Up Wolf on the Animal Channel. Take your pick. Wolves have to be my favorite animal so it's nice to read a book (even if it's a book of fiction) about them.

Their love like I stated before was kind of weird to me. The whole drama of the pack and new members of the pack is what really kept me interested. The white she-wolf who rather be a wolf than a human who also wanted to be with Sam presented some possible challenges. Didn't really materialize into a big thing but I see how it can in later books. There is a new wolf created (a bite is supposed to make you into a wolf) who causes some panic. A lot of people know about the wolves in the end because of this person.

There's also some controversy amongst the wolves. Mostly Shiver is them being together and waiting for on for this guy named Beck to return. Sam was raised by him and looks up to him. If anything he would be the one to know what to do with the new recruit. The end is pretty crazy. I just don't know if I want to continue with it because don't get me wrong the end is pretty amazing and brings up so much possibilities but then it's that weird love I was talking about again. I can't wrap my head around how Grace doesn't think it's weird. She's in love with a wolf. The wolf becomes a human so she is instantly in love with him. I guess it's just me. I'll have to think about it...


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