Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard

After discovering that her dead twin sister's friend's Lying Game could go too far Emma worries who else her sister could have made angry enough to kill her. At least she has Ethan Landry, the cute brooding type on her side. He actually believes that she's not Sutton and that there is a murderer out there that will make sure she stays in line and if not she will end up just like her sister.

Now new suspects are coming up while others are being cleared. She is quite certain all the way through who the killer/killers are. She's being watched while she's with Ethan even at a time like three o' clock in the morning. She's actively snooping now and although terrified of who is watching her she is resolved to find out who her sisters murderer is before the murderer gets her.

She gets in trouble in this one. She also discovers a long time prank that had to deal with a train. After given a train bracelet early on in the story she knows she needs to figure out who it involved and what happened fast. She finds out that no one thought that prank was funny. Could have what happened made one of her friend's a killer?

This was a great sequel to the Lying Game which I thoroughly enjoyed. This series I can see is rapidly becoming a guilty pleasure for me. I've never been into that many mystery books as I have been into these last two books. I need to get my hands on the next one. The thing about a mystery that is a series is that you might have to wait till the last book to find out who did it and it's killing me. I want to know!

I love how Emma is taking control now. She was way more afraid before and just plain confused. Ethan's there helping her but more than just an alliance is developing there. She's kind of being chased around all the time for her to think about it too much though but you never know what might happen. I'm really surprised how her friend's don't know she's not Sutton. I mean she is always wincing at things they are saying and she isn't as bossy as Sutton even though she tries to be that way. She gets close with her fake father and I'm here feeling really bad for her because she never had that. And I'm thinking what are they going to do when they find out? What's going to happen when she has to go to college? So needless to say I loved this book. There is something that happens at the end there and all I could think of is the plot thickens! And I know things are going to be oh so interesting in Two Truths and A Lie.


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